Standing Up for Fans: Simplifying Large Scale Concert Ticketing and Livestreaming

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Just last month, Ricardo Arjona’s “Hecho a la Antigua” show became the most watched livestream concert in the history of Latin America. More than 150,000 fans across 80 countries purchased tickets for this virtual concert, setting a new record for Arjona.
Vye was created to connect artists to virtual audiences through livestream concerts, and for the “Hecho a la Antigua” show, we partnered with Brightcove and InPlayer to confidently handle the scale we were anticipating for this performance.
Brightcove handled the livestreaming, and InPlayer managed the authentication, payments, analytics and support. Both teams worked together to ensure fans could seamlessly log in and enjoy a reliable, broadcast-quality livestream while also protecting the artist’s content and revenue.
The absolute necessity of a reliable technology stack for livestream events is always important, and that’s further realized when things go wrong, which is exactly what the live events industry saw shortly after the Arjona event.
Another major Latin artist experienced technical difficulties on another video streaming platform, and ultimately ended up refunding fans and rescheduling a free performance to make up for the mishap. Unfortunate situations like this further highlight why it’s imperative to work with video technology leaders that have a history of successfully streaming large-scale events and are trusted partners throughout the process — before, during and even after a show.
At vye, we always place our artists and fans at the center of our services. We understand the cost and work that goes into a well-produced event, and we do everything we can to ensure the best experience possible for our artists and their fans.
Together, with Brightcove and InPlayer, artists can feel confident that their livestream concert will go exactly to plan, every time.
Even after the pandemic is behind us, musicians will continue to livestream shows. Livestreaming has proven to be a prime opportunity for artists to play in front of a seemingly limitless crowd, around the world, and generate revenue.
As vye continues to redefine the events experience worldwide, we aim to build trust and long-term partnerships with artists everywhere to thrive in this new era of live entertainment. And with strong technology partners behind us, fans can expect a reliable, broadcast-quality livestream experience, every time.
Maggie Seidel-Laws is CEO and Managing Partner at vye.

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