Sitting Down with Soledad: A discussion on Video Storytelling

by May 20, 2020CMMA Blog, Marketing0 comments

Stories do more than just entertain, they inspire and educate people on topics that demand constant conversation. For Soledad O’Brien, renowned journalist and host of Matter of Fact, the ability to find these stories and share them with people around the world is incredibly important for solving important issues and inspiring change. 

Although Soledad is often the one asking the questions, we decided to put her in the “hot seat” for a virtual discussion on the importance of video and how it helps to drive storytelling through an easily shareable visual experience.

Soledad, how do you feel video has impacted the way we receive information? 


Video not only serves as an authentic, personable form of communication, it also makes telling stories easier. You can share a video with the click of a button, making sure everyone gets to see it, even if your audience is halfway across the world.

Why do you believe video-driven storytelling is an important way to get information across? 


Generally information and data are often hard to understand at face value, video gives people the opportunity to use that information to build a story that is just as entertaining as it is educational.

And why do you think it is important for video experts to share their stories and ideas?


The video industry is filled with creative and knowledgeable experts that truly enjoy sharing experiences and ideas with those who are looking to tell better stories and reach more audiences. 

Lastly, where do you see the future of video going in 2020 and beyond? 



As technology quickly evolves and the ability to create and share video content becomes more accessible to everyone, the use of video will become limitless. Content creators will be able to produce videos from anywhere and stream their best work to viewers across the globe on every device.

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