Remote Studio Productions Using NDI

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NDI Remote Studio Production

Even before Covid-19 forced production staff to work remotely, there was a growing need to virtualize production systems so they are more flexible and cost-effective. The labor and logistics of installing and maintaining hardware on-premise still may be required for some, but having a secondary solution using cloud-based NDI processing and routing offers a very capable alternative and backup system.

NDI remote workflows allow live productions to be virtualized by hosting all of the routing and signal processing in the cloud. HD-SDI sources are converted to NDI and delivered via the public internet. Cloud services like AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure host the NDI processing and routing software. Producers and directors can use local laptop software or IP-based hardware to monitor, switch, and insert graphics.

The need for limiting production staff on-premise or in a studio will continue to be a challenge for some time. NDI remote workflows allow for a viable solution now and provide for an important add-on or backup solution for your future production schedule. Please click on the hot spots in the diagram below for more information on specific products that Alpha Video can help integrate into a complete system.

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