Re-Runs Are More than Entertaining, They’re Advanced Technologies in Motion

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Wow, it’s been a long time, but over the weekend, I was able to watch the Denver Broncos win Super Bowl XXXIII – again! You guessed it, I’m located in Colorado, USA, and fan of our local NFL team! I was able to hear John Madden’s funny commentary, see Shannon Sharpe, Terrell Davis, Ed McCaffrey, and of course, John Elway out on the field reclaiming the Vince Lombardi trophy – again! So many names I hadn’t heard for many years. It really was enjoyable to watch that re-run. And there are many others that Broadcasters are sharing with us from their video archives, since most new production filming and events are currently on “pause.”  The choices available to us are not limited to only those legendary sporting match-ups and show-downs that never get old to watch, like Schumacher’s last F1 race win, or 1985’s thrilling NCAA Tournament with Villanova upsetting Georgetown, or Nadal’s win over Federer at Wimbledon in 2008. There is also the slew of culture-impacting 90’s sitcoms, classic films from over the decades, and binge-worthy streaming programs making the options available to us almost endless.

Giving due deference and solemn acknowledgment to the world today, and global efforts to continue onward while caring for each other, we also need to feed our souls and seek forms of entertainment to do that. Enter television and movies. Enjoying forms of digital “art” have been a mainstay of modern-day culture thanks to all the technologies behind the scenes. It takes more than pushing “the clicker”!

After the filming and creation of video content, this imagery, or digital media files, must be moved to secure storage, which can later be accessed for playout as future uses of these assets. This is not accomplished “automagically,” and requires a file system that is tuned for video and video-like files. 

In more complex environments that support HD broadcasts and multi-platform distribution, StorNext end-to-end content workflow management software and storage appliances are the key to bringing these assets to life, to our screens. 

Broadcasters require this level of an integrated storage infrastructure to support their specific tools, while also facilitating sharing between dispersed groups and providing dependable high-speed transfer rates to prevent any interruption to the media workflow system.

Today, StorNext High-Performance File Storage is the de facto standard for storing, serving, and sharing video and video-like content. For the highest performance gains, StorNext‘s client software allows the shared file system to appear local, not as a remote NAS, which is especially beneficial for large files and streams – like video. Today, shared storage is a requirement for collaboration and workflow enablement. Designed with patented and Emmy-winning technologies, StorNext reduces latencies, promotes broader collaboration, and improves efficiencies to ultimately deliver high-quality content that we’ve all come to expect in our daily lives. 

So as you take a break from your day and escape with a funny video on Social Media, laugh at an old movie from the ‘70s, or in early May, watch Secretariat pull off a heart-pounding win at the Kentucky Derby (1977 that is), remember that these re-runs are a technological effort by many, and rely on world-class technologies like StorNext by Quantum. Enjoy!

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