Quantum Introduces Myriad™ Software-Defined All-Flash Storage Platform for the Enterprise

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Last week, we introduced Quantum Myriad , an all-flash file and object storage platform based on a modern, cloud-native software architecture that avoids the limitations of legacy NAS storage systems. Leveraging advances in application frameworks and design that were not available even a few years ago, Myriad’s modern cloud-native architecture makes it an easy-to-use solution that overcomes the limitations of hardware-centric designs and enables customers to adapt to future storage needs while reducing the burden on over-extended IT staff. It brings new levels of simplicity and adaptability to high-performance workloads without the constraints of specialized hardware.

Myriad expands Quantum’s portfolio of solutions for unstructured data and is ideally suited for emerging high-growth use cases that require more performance and more scale, including AI and machine learning, modern data lakes, VFX and animation, and other high-bandwidth and high IOPs applications. These use cases are driving growth in the market for dedicated scale-out file and object storage, expected to grow at a 12% CAGR from 2020-2026 and be a $19.1 billion market by 2026 according to the IDC File and Object Storage Market Update and Forecast.

Key highlights include:

  • Scale-out software architecture delivers consistent, low-latency performance for high-bandwidth and high-IOPs applications.
  • A cloud-native microservices architecture orchestrated by Kubernetes provides a resilient, “always on” architecture, and delivers new features and fixes rapidly with less risk.
  • Automated storage management allows a cluster to be scaled or modified without user intervention and the need for advanced IT skills.
  • Self-healing, self-balancing software automatically rebuilds data in the background while also rebalancing data as storage clusters expand, shrink, and change.
  • Inline data deduplication and compression reduce the cost of flash storage and improve data efficiencies relative to legacy storage platforms.
  • Simplified data protection and recovery through built-in snapshots, clones, snapshot recovery tools, and rollback capabilities.

Myriad Introduction Video

Listen to Quantum’s CDO and CRO discuss how Myriad’s file and object storage software changes the game for unstructured data management, delivering simplicity, flexibility, and adaptability on-prem and in any cloud. Watch video .

To learn more about Myriad, visit the Myriad product page or request a demo .

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