Mozart. Beethoven. Tchaikovsky. Those Guys Would Have Loved Live Streaming.

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Performers want to perform; audiences want to watch. It’s that simple. And nothing should come between this time-honored relationship that’s existed since the first cavemen gathered around their buddy singing dinosaur songs. As concerts and performances rapidly evolve, Brightcove makes sure you don’t get left behind with video experiences that meet all the demands of today’s digital world. From staying connected to donors to building new audiences, the potential of video is unlimited, and Brightcove is ready to put you at center stage.


With the global pandemic shutting down most in-person performances, arts organizations realize they can’t stay silent for long. This is especially crucial when it comes to donors and patrons, the lifeline of any organization. By developing live stream performances and video content on-demand, your organization stays connected to these supporters and demonstrates that you’re committed to engaging with them. Brightcove’s video technology and solutions are helping The Tribeca Film Festival, Sydney Symphony Orchestra, San Francisco Opera, Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, and more to remain vibrant, innovative, and top-of-mind with their loyal benefactors. 


For those audience members who’ve always been squinting from the balcony, a video performance now brings the stage up-close and personal. Brightcove’s flawless live streams deliver every note and nuance in absolute clarity, creating a virtual performance that, in some ways, will rival an in-person performance. What’s more, arts organizations are using the power of video to give audiences an even stronger appreciation for what they’re about to see. 

This might be an interview with the composer, an informative lecture about an opera, or a day in the life of a ballet dancer before she soars onto the stage. 


As video lets you connect with your current audiences, it also opens up a whole new world–literally. With Brightcove’s powerful technology, your sonata, pirouette, or soliloquy can be seen on phones, tablets, TV, and any other screen across the globe. Think of the new audiences you will reach. Maybe a couple who could never find a babysitter will now pay to sit at home and enjoy the performance. Or, maybe someone who could never afford the expensive night out will now find this much more accessible. People want to be entertained, and they’re already living a digital life, so meet that willing audience with outstanding video solutions from Brightcove and rest assured that you will look and sound your absolute best. 

The future of musical and theatre performance is clearly transforming, and Brightcove will make sure you stay on top of it all. Let our recognized video technology and solutions fuel your imagination as you keep your organization thriving and relevant in today’s changing world.

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