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Today we sat down with VZP Digital’s VP of Marketing, Laura Lozano, to get a glimpse at the mind behind the brand.

How did you become involved in VZP Digital?

I have known Victor for over 20 years. We used to work together at a cable network, and then we re-connected a few years ago on another venture. The rest, as they say, is history.

What was it about the idea of VZP Digital that got you excited?

I love working with Victor and the team at VZP Digital. Everyone at VZP Digital whole-heartedly believes in what we were doing and walks the talk. One of my biggest beliefs, in both business and my personal life, is empowering people to be fully self-expressed. I am a big proponent of being seen, heard, and known and, thankfully, that is part of VZP’s purpose. Our company is extremely focused on the community and believe that comes first and money is second.

Where did your passion for creating accessibility for everyone stem from?

Four years ago I was at a conference and a group of deaf people were involved in a discussion I was facilitating. They desperately wanted to communicate, however, our only option was passing pen and paper back and forth. I saw how deterring it was for both of us not being able to effectively express our ideas, and I felt helpless and incredibly frustrated with myself for my inability to communicate. After the conference, I was very motivated to learn American Sign Language and get involved in the community, however I found I lacked the outlets for it and slowly lost my motivation.  Fast forward a couple of years, I found myself once again immersed in the need for accessibility and it reawakened my desire to learn.

What from your background do you utilize to help VZP Digital differentiate from competitors?

I believe I have had a diverse career path and all of my experiences have contributed to create a better-rounded businesswoman. Prior to reconnecting with Victor, I was a counselor. My time being a counselor taught me to understand people on a deeper level and not just what is being said on the surface. My times counseling also contributed to my appreciation for expression and extending ways of communication beyond speech. I believe it is not all in the language, but how you express it. Having the ability to connect people with their emotions and being able to understand what they are going through is a vital part of my success. I also am very visual (hence my passion for marketing), and tend to see things in more of a 3D manner; I see a story playing out and that helps my creative vision and enables me to make better decisions on how to proceed.

I also take a very holistic approach to life. I am an herbalist and have studied holistic medicine across the world. I actually got to study in Italy and it was there that I saw what it was like to truly live life with passion. I also had to learn how to communicate without words (since my Italian was a little lacking), and I actually had some of my best conversations just through feeling and understanding.

I have also spent my fair share of time in corporate America. I was an Executive Producer at a radio station and I hosted my own radio show, “Laura Out Loud,” that was about people turning up the volume in their life. I also hosted a “Coming Attractions” show for a cable network.  I draw from all of the different media experiences I have to know what is going on in front of the camera, and what is the real feeling behind what is being conveyed. I am a firm believer in following my intuition and trusting my gut feeling in both my personal life and in all aspects of business.

You are very involved in the community, what are some of your favorite charities? Are there particular events that you are enthusiastic about?

I am very involved in Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance (COCA) and it is near and dear to me. I got involved with COCA, when a close family friend was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and continue to support the alliance in her memory. Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance hosts an event every June, Jody’s Race, that I make sure I am always a part of every year. I also volunteer at Gracefull Café and have a great admiration for what they do there. Gracefull Café is all about community and being a place where everyone is welcome. I thoroughly enjoy any chance I get to volunteer there and to be a part of what Graceful Cafe is achieving.

You are born and raised in Colorado, what is your favorite thing about here?

I love experiencing each season and the fact that each is so breathtaking. I am definitely more of a summer outdoors fan (I don’t ski or snowboard, I know, I know), and really enjoy hiking and biking. I will go pretty much anywhere, but my favorite spots are probably up in Boulder or Falcon Park.  It is also ideal that all three of my children are all still in Colorado.

Now for some rapid-fire questions: What is your ideal vacation if money was not an object?

It is a dream of mine to take a train trip around Europe, specifically Ireland and Scotland.

What is a personal goal you have for yourself?

I want to be able to run a 5k. I have walked some before, but I would love to run the whole thing. It is also on my bucket list to see Hamilton. I am a huge theater fan and have been dying to see it.

What is your favorite play that you have seen?

I love so many, but I would probably have to say Book of Mormon.

You are a big movie fan, who is your favorite actress?

I admire Helen Mirren, Judy Dench, Susan Sarandon. They are talented actresses, unapologetically themselves, and strong role models.

Favorite actor?

Probably Robert Redford and Benedict Cumberbatch.

What is a guilty pleasure TV show of yours right now?

Right now I am invested in This is Us, and I am pretty addicted to The Walking Dead. I also enjoy watching The Golbergs with my son; for some reason he says I’m somewhat like the mother…not true.

What is a unique fact about you?

I have ridden in a blimp. I have also walked over hot coals (I don’t recommend it).

If you could live anywhere besides Colorado, where would it be?


Why London?

I love everything I have heard about it, but it is also because I am a huge Harry Potter fan. When the books first came out I would read them with my daughter. The whole series became a bonding experience and as a family we would go to all of the midnight book releases and midnight movie showings together.

Who is your favorite Harry Potter character?

I’ve always liked Ron. I like that he has his faults, but is a true friend and there when you need him.

Is there anything about Harry Potter that you relate to?

I enjoy the way that the books cover so many themes, from friendship to anger to forgiveness. JK Rowling genuinely understands human emotions and how to portray all aspects of them. She also presents her story extremely effectively with constant messages under her words. The importance of emotions and the deeper understanding of words is something I am continuously striving for.


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