Meet the New StorNext: Virtualized. Containerized. Cloud-Ready.

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On April 27, we made a major announcement – a new software-defined architecture for StorNext and a new line of appliances in the Quantum H4000 Series. Although much of the focus might be on the new line of appliances, the real magic is the software architectural work that we’ve done under the covers. 

In this new software-defined and virtualized architecture, StorNext 7 file services, data services, and block services run virtually on a single platform. StorNext 7 has been virtualized, and major architectural components, such as management layer and APIs have been containerized in a Docker environment. In short, it is a totally redefined, modern, and cloud-ready software architecture

h4000 blog arch

This represents a major architectural step toward enabling public- and hybrid-cloud deployments of the StorNext 7 file system and will make it possible to use StorNext on additional cloud and hardware platforms in the future.  

Easy to Deploy and Use in More Places than Ever

What does this mean for our customers? It means that StorNext is now virtualized, and easier to deploy and use in more places than ever before, whether it’s at the edge, on set, in the field, or anywhere you want to stand up a complete, collaborative environment or extend your production workflow. This new software delivers greater efficiency, more flexibility, and a dramatically simplified user experience. Explore the new Quantum H4000 here .

Join Us for a Live Quantum H4000 Tour

Join us on May 18 I 10AM PDT for a live tour of the new StorNext 7 software-defined architecture and the simplified easy-to-use interface. We’ll show you how to deploy the H4000 with StorNext in minutes, so you can easily harness the power of data to accelerate your workflows and production pipelines.

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