Marketers, Do You Know the ROI of Your Video Platform? You Should.

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If you’re thinking about investing in an enterprise video platform, you can already hear the questions: Will it be worth the expense? How will it help? What kind of return can we expect on this investment?
These can be difficult questions to answer because there are so many factors to consider. So we commissioned Forrester Consulting to explore them. Their findings are contained in “The Total Economic ImpactTM of Brightcove on Enterprise Organizations” – download it here.
What they discovered
The big takeaway? Forrester found that enterprises can realize a 225% ROI over three years with Brightcove.
Breaking things down a little, here are some of the benefits that companies using the Brightcove platform experience:

83% less time required to manage video platforms and content libraries, giving you time back in your day to focus on other business-building activities.

20% more conversions from deeper engagement that produces more leads, sales or checkouts and, ultimately, more revenue.

75% more efficient syndication workflows for faster content delivery and a more agile team.

80% less time required to migrate existing content to the Brightcove platform for faster delivery and less time wasted waiting for videos to upload.

50% less money spent on additional content distribution and management solutions means fewer tools and vendors to deal with and less stress for everyone, including IT.

Improved security for more peace of mind, especially on the IT and security teams.

Deeper engagement with all internal communications, making it ideal for onboarding, announcements, training, etc. – video is incredibly effective at building culture and encouraging participation in a company.

Increased stability and reliability that can effortlessly handle the scale required by global businesses.
Video platforms are now a must-have…for dozens of use cases covering internal communications, marketing, external communications, and e-commerce. The need to reach a range of audiences with live and on-demand video is increasing exponentially, and Brightcove offers enterprises a secure, scalable, self-service video management and distribution platform to drive engagement, demand, and even revenue.
–”The Total Economic Impact of Brightcove on Enterprise Organizations,” a Forrester study commissioned by Brightcove

For businesses, it’s essential to get video right
If your organization is thinking about video, it’s essential for you to understand the distinction between a platform built for serious business and one that is built for… much less. Learn what you need to know in “The Total Economic Impact of Brightcove on Enterprise Organizations” – you can download it here.
Video can make an enormous difference to your business, but the company you choose to partner with and the platform it’s presented on make a major difference, too.
There’s video… and there’s Brightcove video.

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