Lights! Camera! Action! Why Is the Dog Barking?

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Yes, recording yourself at home on video has its challenges. But that’s no reason to settle for a less-than-great video that you reluctantly end up sending to colleagues or customers. Let the experts at Brightcove give you more confidence and control with our brand new series called “Shoot To Impress.”

Simple, simple and simple. Did we mention simple?
In multiple short episodes, “Shoot To Impress” gives you easy-to-follow tips and advice on everything you need to know about making a video. As a video producer at Brightcove, I’ll be glad to show you that there’s really no mystery to getting it done right. And that includes the equipment you need, which is often the smartphone you already have, plus an inexpensive tripod and maybe a light. 

Film school dropouts welcome
You most definitely do not need to have an advanced knowledge of cameras or videos or f/3.5-5.6, whatever the heck that is. “Shoot To Impress” was designed with our current times in mind, knowing that folks are working from home and also being asked to produce videos for their company. So instead of adding to the workload, these streamlined and approachable episodes keep it short and sweet.

Do you have, um, ah, confidence? 
Believe it or not, being confident on camera is one of the biggest factors that will impact the success of your video. Looking straight at the camera, head up, eyes focused, speaking clearly, not.speaking.like.a.robot….these all really matter. Your host Jason will guide you through all of this, showing you easy ways to present yourself in front of the camera. You’ll see many positive changes, and so will your audience. 

No excuses
As you know, just about everybody is being asked to appear on video these days, so you’re expected to look good and sound good. No, it’s not exactly fair, but that’s where we are. So with

“Shoot To Impress,” we’ll not only give you the sense of control you need to make a video, we’ll also help you stand out from others who aren’t taking it quite as seriously. And yes, you’ll feel pretty good about the new skills you have. But does that mean, during your next video, you should leap out of your chair and yell “Shoot To Impress made me great?”  No, of course not. You should never leap out of your chair like that. Remain in your chair, so you don’t exit the frame.

Why Brightcove?
In a nutshell, we know video. We are video. We would write poems about video if anyone would read them. And if you stood in our lobby and said the words, “Be kind, rewind,” we would all pause for a moment of silence. Established in 2004, Brightcove is the true leader in video technology and solutions, with thousands of customers in over 70 countries. Brightcove is igniting audiences across the globe with platforms for leading companies, organizations, live events, online educators, retailers, arts organizations, concerts, and much more. So spend a few minutes with “Shoot To Impress,” get the right information from people who know, and you’ll see how to make it work for you.

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