Learn. Build. Play. Repeat. 5 Million Viewers Master Their Crafts With Video.

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Did you know that billionaire investor Warren Buffet is also a passionate ukulele player? Or that singer and songwriter Rod Stewart has a knack for building model railways and trains and regularly takes them with him on his worldwide tours? 

For some, hobbies are a means of sharpening the mind; for others, they’re a simple creative exploration into a new craft or field. No matter the reason, people will find joy in their hobbies, and the desire to learn more in a way that’s both engaging and reliable is something all hobbyists have in common. 

With nearly 2,000 hours of on-demand instructional video tailored toward over 5 million viewers in more than 150 countries worldwide, TN Marketing delivers what all learners crave: a quality, engaging way to connect with their interests from anywhere, at any time. 

They’ve built virtual communities such as GetHealthyU TV, Woodworkers Guild of America, and the National Bowling Academy — and that’s just to name a few. Viewers connect to each community right from home on their connected devices. 

For the community enthusiasts on the go, TN Marketing also delivers high-quality, reliable video on the web, so viewers can connect and learn from anywhere. All they have to do is press play. 

It’s no surprise that learners crave an opportunity to explore their interests in a way that’s both personable and genuine, especially if it involves hearing from experts who know their passions best. This immersive experience is one that video can deliver.

Video also has the power to provide audiences with one-on-one walkthroughs at a pace they can control with the click of a button. If a viewer gets lost along the way, they can always hit rewind or press pause. For those who love to practice their crafts alongside their learning, this is a crucial seller.

Video helps to connect people with their passions like no other medium can. TN Marketing chose to partner with Brightcove to make sure those connections never stop and that savvy hobbyists can get the information they need to keep doing what they love. 

Do you want to learn more about how Brightcove is helping TN Marketing bring quality, reliable content to millions of hobbyists around the world?

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