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Brightcove PLAY is just over a month away, and we’re announcing new sessions every week. Perhaps the most exciting development is the full day of hands-on workshops on Tuesday, May 14. This year, for the first time ever, PLAY attendees have the chance to really get their hands dirty with video strategy, coding, and even a production boot camp. This is just a preview—there’s a full menu of workshops to choose from. Check out the full PLAY agenda  to see them all.


Come join us for a full day, hands-on developer workshop. You’ll get the opportunity to solve unique problems working alongside Brightcove’s top engineers — utilizing the latest API and product technologies. This workshop is designed for software developers and technical integrators who are interested in building customizations and integrations that enhance Brightcove’s products and services within their organizations.

If you have interesting technical problems you’d like to solve during this workshop, please submit your ideas to play@brightcove.com. Ready to sign up? Click here to register .

Video Marketing Makeover: Transforming Boring Case Studies and Testimonials into Stories That Inspire Action

In this fast-paced, three-hour long workshop, former television writer, producer and agency executive Andrew Davis will makeover your marketing videos. He’ll show you how to re-work your case studies into actual stories. He’ll show you how reality television producers write, shoot and edit. But most importantly, you’ll learn the secrets to transforming video duds into dynamite.

So, bring one of your worst case studies (even if it’s not video, that’s fine) to this workshop, and you’ll leave with a re-worked story and a shooting script.

Designing the Right OTT Model from A to Z

In this 3-part session, industry experts will share practical advice to help design or evolve your OTT service model, covering topics from content preparation, UX best practices, to understanding your viewers for efficient monetization.

First, we will share consumer data to help inform your OTT model. Next, take a dive deep into the world of UX with an interactive session on best practices in UX design and UX testing techniques. Finally, you’ll get a monetization and measurement master class.

Corporate Video Production Boot Camp: Practical Tips and Techniques from the Trenches

This workshop will be a live demo walk-through of video production techniques and practical tips to help both enthusiastic (and reluctant) corporate video makers get up to speed and achieve greater production value across the board. Anthony Q. Artis will serve up detailed practical tips and advice on equipment, camerawork, interview lighting, audio practices, production strategies and other practical lessons learned from decades of hard-won experience in the corporate video trenches.

We have even more workshops covering script-writing, live streaming, and more. Want to see the full list? Click here to see the full PLAY agenda , including keynotes, panels, and tech talks.

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