Get a Seat at the Table

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Be A Strategic Partner With Creative Impact: Get a Seat at the Table Do you have a seat at the table? How does our inherent passion to produce creative videos and live events coexist with our need to deliver strategic communications that move our organization’s businesses forward?

Get a Seat at the Table will 
focus on the need for our departments to become strategic communications partners and
 the actions we must take to achieve this. We’ll also look at the powerful creative work that can result from this partnership. Featured speakers, presenters, and facilitators are:

Bob Matha, Basics3

What Leadership Needs to Hear, What We Need to Say

“Communications people are plentiful. Harder to find are people who make things happen. They are valued. And they’re usually seated to the right of the CEO.” As a communications consultant, Bob Matha (Basics 3) knows what corporate leadership is looking for and, what they need. Bob will take us through “ten truths” about Leadership and communications. You may have experienced some of these and may disagree with others, but all of them will challenge your thinking about your role and the importance of developing creative communications that help drive your organization’s strategy.

Bridget Coffing

Chief Communications Officer and SVP Corporate Relations, McDonald’s

The Power and Importance of Strategic Communications

Bridget Coffing, McDonald’s Corporate Senior Vice President of Corporate Relations and Chief Communications Officer, presents her perspective on the state of business today. With the speed of communications, the strategic intent of those communications is more important than ever before.

McDonald’s Management has a strategic plan, and they look to their departments for perspective and to help ensure that they “get it right.” Management at every company needs strategic communications partners who understand where the company is going and why – a team who can apply their expertise to both develop and shape the messages and to deliver those messages creatively.

Francesco Cordua

Director, Retail Design, McDonald’s

Creative Design and Business Impact

Design is strategic. The process and choices are inherently linked to a company’s strategy. Creative decisions not only matter to a brand, in many instances they define the brand. How does this play out internally?

Francesco Cordua, Director of Retail Design for McDonald’s, USA, shares his thoughts on the importance of strategic design and what this means to an internal creative group. As an example, he gives his perspective as a customer of McDonald’s Creative Services; how they nearly lost his business then found their way as a strategic partner.

We look forward to seeing you in Oak Brook, IL at McDonald’s Corporation where you’ll get a seat at the table!