Frost & Sullivan names Brightcove the Global Leader in Online Video

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True leaders are individuals who know the way, show the way, and go the way, and at Brightcove, we take those words to heart. Ensuring that everything we do and accomplish is on behalf of our customers. We’re proud and honored to be recognized for our position as a true industry leader and to be named this year’s Global Market Leadership Award recipient from Frost & Sullivan. This award is presented to organizations that have demonstrated proven excellence in their field from business growth, product differentiation, brand strength, among other data points. 

Here are three examples of what Frost & Sullivan valued in Brightcove and how we are committed to each one.  

Customer experience: Enterprises, brands, and media companies alike are looking to build secure yet immersive experiences for their customers and employees that are just as engaging as they are reliable. Brightcove’s solutions offer a unique access management system enabling businesses to confidently engage their audiences without sacrificing the security of their information. Additionally, Brightcove’s solutions offer users a deep set of viewer analytics for unique visibility into content performance. Brightcove’s innovative offerings provide customers with a robust video platform experience that meets their every video need.         

Product Quality and Performance: As business leaders seek a video platform with the scalability to support the volume of their operations and the reliability to ensure prompt delivery of content, one name stands above them all. Unlike other cloud solutions, Brightcove’s powerful technology prioritizes fast and scalable video streaming so businesses know they are reaching their audiences no matter where they are. The Brightcove advantage is having a seamless web application that allows users to quickly upload or stream video to any device without disruptions, ensuring audiences everywhere are getting the high-quality content experience they deserve.  The Frost & Sullivan report called out Brightcove’s performance even at scale — streaming over 800 million videos to over 550 million viewers globally in a week in 2019

Growth Strategy Excellence: Year over year Brightcove maintains its reputation as a forward-looking video-technology company. With the recent acquisition of Ooyala’s OVP business in 2019, Brightcove strengthened the capabilities of their current offerings by combining them with the Ooyala technology stack, providing faster and more efficient video workflows for customers. Furthermore Brightcove continues to provide its customers with new and innovative applications that enable them to reach more viewers, quicker, with deeper visibility and insight, offerings such as Brightcove BeaconTM, Brightcove EngageTM, and Brightcove ContinuumTM. 

Brightcove continues to provide an industry-leading online video platform (OVP) supported by an extensive list of third-party integrations to ensure our solutions fit every scenario. The Frost and Sullivan 2020 Global Market Leadership Award recognizes Brightcove for its dedication to customer experience, security, and on-going growth in the video technology market. We are incredibly proud to have received this distinction and look forward to continuing our path as a leader in the industry, paving the way for a brighter future in video.

“No other market participant provides the same breadth of usability and reliability, allowing customers to invest with confidence in Brightcove deployments.” – Frost and Sullivan 

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