Everyone Gets a Front Row Seat. Welcome to Live Stream Concerts

by Aug 13, 2020Brightcove, CMMA Blog0 comments

The crowd surfers may bump into the living room couch, but that’s the only glitch you’ll find with the live streaming experience that Brightcove delivered for top performers like Dropkick Murphys, Willie Nelson and more. Without pausing, buffering or any other issues, fans enjoy a rich experience that brings them every drum beat, every guitar chord and every word with the clarity and emotion that makes them feel like they are right there in the stadium.


When Dropkick Murphys decided to live stream their concert, called “Streaming Outta Fenway,” the venue they chose was Boston’s historic Fenway Park. Due to the pandemic restrictions, only 35 people were allowed inside the huge stadium, and that included the band and the crew. But those 35 people were soon overshadowed by a slightly larger number—9 million. Over 9 million views of “Streaming Outta Fenway” were seen worldwide, in living rooms, backyards, roof decks, on screens large and small, giving everyone a front-row seat to this amazing performance. With 12 different streaming endpoints, and over $700,000 raised for charity, it was a rousing success. 


When Willie Nelson’s iconic “4th of July Picnic” had to pivot to a virtual concert, Brightcove was right there to live stream the concert from Willie Nelson’s Luck Saloon and Chapel. Bringing millions of dedicated fans together virtually to experience the music they love, Brightcove’s leading live streaming technology delivered  Willie Nelson’s loyal fanbase a high-quality live concert experience. The event featured interviews with characters from the Picnic’s past, as well as new, live performances from their favorite artists such as Sheryl Crow, Ziggy Marley, Margo Price, Steve Earle, and Kurt Vile. 


“The music entertainment industry is forever changed, and video is at the forefront of its evolution. Even beyond the pandemic, we’ll continue to see organizations use video to connect with their audiences as it’s the only way to deliver the authentic, real-life experience that viewers crave,” says Sara Larsen, CMO, Brightcove. With top performers such as Dropkick Murphys and Willie Nelson, Brightcove has demonstrated how its technology is essential to a thriving entertainment industry as it connects performers with their audiences. If you have a performance in search of an audience, talk with Brightcove and see how our superior live streaming will deliver an experience the fans will never forget. 

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