ESG Tech Validation Report: DXi9000

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I was just reminded that this month I celebrate my 11th year as a Quantum employee. 11 years! That’s a lot of product launches, trade shows, briefings, and PowerPoint slides. It’s also a lot of time spent with industry analysts. In fact, one of my first assignments, when I joined the company in 2008, was to drive completion of a lab validation for Quantum’s then-new DXi7500 appliance with ESG’s Senior Validation Analyst Tony Palmer. At that time, Tony was already a veteran of DXi validations, with his first hands-on experience beginning in 2007.

Since then Tony has had a front-row seat for the evolution of the DXi-Series of backup appliances, with successive innovations in performance, deduplication, replication, data availability, scalability, and encryption. When we launched the DXi9000, it was only a matter of time before it would come under Tony’s scrutiny. To summarize:

Performance Results

ESG validated that the DXi9000 can sustain more than 38.4TB per hour—with DXi Accent—of multithreaded enterprise backup throughput with pay-as-you-grow capacity scalability. With Quantum’s variable-length deduplication the DXi9000 can be used to protect more than 300TB of data in an eight-hour shift using less than 50TB of disk space and is capable of restoring individual files in just seconds.

Capacity Efficiency

In ESG testing, Quantum DXi variable-length deduplication provided 85% data reduction for both structured and unstructured data, under both full and incremental backup schedules, compared with just 50% reduction for the tested fixed-length deduplication method. Tony noted that this leads to significant savings in both disk capacity and network bandwidth, easier integration into an organization’s existing backup environment since backup admins don’t need to adjust their schedules or methods.

Pay-as-you-grow Scalability

ESG validated the pay-as-you-grow scalability of the DXi platform. With it, organizations can scale to 1.02PB of usable capacity—up to 20PB of logical capacity with deduplication—in 51TB increments, on-demand, without disrupting operations.


According to ESG’s research, strengthening cybersecurity is the top IT priority for 2019. Testing verified the Quantum DXi9000 secures data at rest and in transit with integrated AES encryption and prevents unauthorized data access.


ESG demonstrated that the DXi platform can be
configured for a wide range of data protection requirements. ISV integration
provides complete lifecycle management support and convergence of backup,
business continuance, and disaster recovery. Multi-protocol support provides
universal connectivity over CIFS, NFS, and Fibre Channel. Simple licensing
combines all software functionality, including replication, direct tape
creation, VTL, OST, AIR, and DXi Accent, in a single package.


Over the last 12 years, ESG has observed continuous improvement in every area of efficiency they’ve examined in the DXi Series, including improvements in ease of use and management, software and capacity licensing, storage density, security, and backup application integration.

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Source: Enterprise Strategy Group

Tony notes in closing, “With the DXi9000, Quantum has once
again produced an impressive solution to protect data in physical and virtual
data centers of any size. ESG believes that the combination of variable-length
inline data deduplication, enterprise-class performance, extreme density, and pay-as-you-grow
scalability provides a unique approach for optimizing data protection and
recovery in today’s distributed enterprise.”

Thanks again to Tony and the ESG team for giving the DXi9000
a closer look. You can check out the full report here .
And thanks Quantum for a great 11 years!

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