Enterprise Video Delivery from Multiple Platforms

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Many companies are using multiple streaming platforms to support their video communications. How does that impact the enterprise content delivery strategy, and what are some recommendations for dealing with that sort of situation?

When enterprises are looking at streaming platforms, typically they have different buyers with different use cases selecting the platforms. What corporate communications may need from an application for CEO broadcasts may be very different from what the HR or learning and development department needs for training and compliance programs.

Industry research consistently shows more than two thirds of enterprises have more than one streaming platform deployed. So by definition, you want to have something that’s going to work for more than one platform. Be careful not to deploy infrastructure for an application. Remember delivery solutions are part of your network infrastructure, so you want to choose something that’s going to be part of the fabric of the network and support the different streaming protocols, not an application per se.

By choosing common enterprise streaming infrastructure, you will get something that is going to run across the board. It will work with all the streaming applications in use, and even many of the unified communications platforms.

From the Streaming Media webinar Content Delivery Challenges in a New Era.

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