DXi9000 Has a New Big Brother – Welcome DXi9100!

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Quantum has been busy this year rolling out new products and product enhancements that offer amazing benefits and value particularly around data management. And speaking of data management, one solution that we couldn’t leave untouched this year as it reduces the data volume to help you manage your data efficiently, is Quantum’s DXi backup appliance . The DXi offers value in its data reduction, data protection, and data recovery capabilities. We understand the pressure IT professionals are under. The C-level executive is always looking through the lens of cost optimization, so if you’re looking for the most cost-effective solution that enables you to do ultra-fast ingests and restores, then look no further. The backup appliance provides a uniquely powerful solution for meeting your backup needs and SLA requirements while staying under budget. Perhaps you are familiar with DXi9000, the most efficient backup appliance in the market. Well, it got bigger! Let’s jump right into what was announced earlier this month.

Launching One of the Most Efficient Backup Appliances to Date

On December 4th, we rolled out the new DXi9100 . With this new model, we doubled the capacity of the DXi9000, scaling from 204 TB to 2 PB in 102 TB increments, and same performance as the DXi9000 Ultra, which is +99 TB/h with Accent. We added 21 TB SSD for ultra-fast metadata management, added additional memory and storage allowing the scalability of up to 40 PB of logical storage (@20:1).  Restores can now be done in a fraction of the time compared to the previous model. This new backup appliance builds upon the DXi9000, offering enterprise performance and scale, requiring less footprint, providing some relief to your budget. DXi continues to have industry-best density which these days is ultra-necessary as data growth continues to explode and is projected to continue to grow as more digital transformation takes place across many data centers.

Value-Added Features Provide Layers of Data Protection

Whether it’s because you have a need to consolidate, be compliant to GDPR or CCPA, or you need more performance, DXi offers some of the coolest features without additional licensing required. Features like encrypting data without impacting performance – DXi includes self-encrypting drives and provides encrypted replication, crucial as part of the layers of protection you need in today’s cybercrime environment. In the DXi9100, we continue to offer an easy to scale model with capacity-on-demand, all-inclusive licensing. This licensing model is a big differentiator to alternatives and makes the users world a little less complex because your backup appliances shouldn’t add more complexity to your life. That is why with the DXi, you can add TB’s quickly and easily with a license key which can also futureproof your system; and now with the DXi9100 you can grow up to 2 PB of capacity in a 22U!

If you haven’t had a chance to dive deeper into our new DXi9100 model, and how we can help you meet or exceed your SLA’s make sure to check us out or speak to your authorized Quantum representative. Check out our DXi9100 Datasheet here .

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