President Biden’s warning to businesses was clear: Russian cyberattacks are coming. 

Tensions amid sanctions and Russia’s war in Ukraine are high and Putin’s playbook for countering such measures includes cyberattacks on essential aspects of American life. Consumers will remember last May’s cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline , which cut off nearly 50% of the fuel capacity for the East Coast as well as an attack against Meatpacker JBS from June , which threatened the food supply chain. 

Attacks that target food supply and fuel make the aim clear: the more disruptive to essential aspects of daily life for Americans the better. 

Protect Yourself 

The White House urged companies to take measures to protect themselves from these attacks and have also advised what to do if security measures fail. The list of measures for businesses is extensive, but one measure every single business and individual should take–as basic digital hygiene—is to use multi-factor authentication on all accounts. 

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

PayReel takes cybersecurity very seriously and follows the above guidelines, including running exercises, encrypting data, and educating employees. Any disruption or inconvenience required up front is small in comparison to the havoc a successful attack may cause. The time is now.

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