Brightcove’s latest product updates

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This year has been busy at Brightcove HQ, between our trip to Las Vegas for NAB and our ninth Brightcove PLAY here in Boston. Not only have we been attending and hosting major video industry events, our product team has been busy behind-the-scenes, making updates and improvements to our products. These new features give you the power to collect richer insights, provide custom subscription options, and more.

Live to Facebook

Brightcove Live to Social now enables Brightcove Live jobs to be streamed to Facebook, with other social destinations soon to follow. This feature enhances Brightcove as a hub that connects multiple sources (cameras, encoders, etc) and multiple destinations from one place. Click here to learn how to start streaming live to Facebook right from your Brightcove dashboard.

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OTT Flow Multi-tier Subscriptions

OTT Flow customers can now provide their subscribers with multiple content pricing and packaging options in-product—meaning content creators can now introduce unique content packages to potential buyers at different price points, or even blend AVOD/SVOD strategies as a means of upselling users.


Users of Dynamic Delivery and SSAI enabled can now create and manage ad configurations in the Admin module. Dynamic Delivery users with SSAI and Live enabled also have the appropriate controls available for Live SSAI. This update improves workflow by allowing you to see all ad configurations in a single view. Click here to learn how to implement server-side ads within Brightcove Live.

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Ad Metadata

Using the Live Program and Ad Metadata API , customers can now integrate into their broadcast playout system or pass specific data for ad targeting. Providing more granular details makes your ad inventory more attractive to advertisers, increasing demand and CPMs.

IMA SDK Now Includes Open Measurement

The IMA SDK for Android now includes the Open Measurement SDK , an industry standard developed by the IAB and designed to enable third-party viewability and verification measurement for ads served to mobile and desktop environments. The open measurement SDK makes provisions for video controls to be considered friendly obstructions that are essential to the user’s experience, thus excluding them from ad viewability measurement.

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