Brightcove Promises Change: We Stand with the Black Community.

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Over the past couple of weeks, our team at Brightcove has taken a hard look at our core values, not only as a business but as members of the global community. What is clear is that now is not the time to be silent.
Treating one another with respect and dignity is central to who we are and what we stand for as an organization. As a leading video technology company, Brightcove’s objective is to bring stories to the eyes of the world through video, even if these stories are sometimes disturbing  and challenging.
We need to look inward as a team and admit that despite not having all the answers yet, we must be clear that we are committed to ensuring we live in a society that embraces anti-racism, and stand strongly together with the black community.
Meaningful change requires commitment. At Brightcove, we know we have a lot of work to do, but we have never been more dedicated to ensuring we investigate and implement new training, programs, and procedures to evolve our organization to continually support the black community now and in the future.
**We’re committed to making real change at Brightcove. This is our promise to ourselves and our employees: **

We will establish better hiring practices that improve the representation of black employees and employees of color at all levels.

We will engage employees on the topic of diversity and racism and provide all employees transparency on our diversity profile and the steps we are taking to improve diversity

We will continually evaluate the full scope of our employee experience to ensure that we create conditions that promote inclusion on a daily basis.

We will educate our employees on what it means to be inclusive – from teaching people how to build new habits to how to recognize and call out micro behaviors.

We will create a change program that will engage our employees to champion anti-racism, inclusion, and diversity across all of Brightcove.

**We’re committed to supporting our community in building a diverse future:  **

We will create a college-level internship program and create entry-level job opportunities for black and minority students.

We will partner with organizations that support younger students in underserved communities to inspire interest in STEM careers, in an effort to help build a future workforce that is more diverse.

We will provide video services for non-profit organizations that support this movement and prioritize our free onboarding program for those non-profits that need assistance in the establishment of their video presence, and in telling their story.

It’s time for businesses across all industries and sizes to step up and have these sometimes uncomfortable conversations and make progress. The dialogue and hard truths that come out of these conversations will help to foster change through action, not just statements, but systematic change.  We invite business leaders and individuals around the world to take part in these commitments to build a better future for all and hold us accountable to the commitments we have made.

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