The workplace has changed dramatically in the past 8 weeks, with many organizations moving to a remote work environment, and forcing many companies to think about how to handle communications and security in a new way.

A mid-March Gartner survey of human resource executives globally found nearly 90% of organizations had encouraged or required employees to work from home . In the United States, the Federal Reserve reports that the number of Americans working from home has tripled in the past 15 years, and that was before it was mandated.

“Only a minority of employers plan to downsize or ask employees to take unpaid leave,” said Brian Kropp, chief of research for the Gartner HR practice. “Instead, most organizations are focusing on measures such as more effective use of technology and freezing new hiring to cut costs.”

But how we work from home, how we communicate with teammates, prospects and customers has come a long way, with video increasingly moving to the forefront. Working remotely only works if we can replicate the creativity that comes with face-to-face conversations between colleagues in the hallway, the high-energy team meetings as you get ready for a product launch, or the sales interactions that are key to any major deal. And, it means having the ability to share consistent messaging with your customers and employees, as well as host live virtual events.

Obviously, the answer is video; reliable, secure and customizable to the mission at hand.

But that’s a solution that many companies have addresses, but none have really solved. It’s also the biggest reason Brightcove is launching its newest product, Brightcove Continuum, which is designed to enable business continuity strategies to leverage video as they move forward at scale and with enterprise-grade security.

“Human beings communicate in many ways,” said Brightcove CEO Jeff Ray, in a video conversation from his home where he is working remotely. “But one of the most crucial ways is visually. When we can see each other face-to-face we learn so much more because we use so many visual cues to really tell a story.

“There’s a lot more to a conversation than just words,” he said. “And that’s why we believe Brightcove Continuum is so important; not only as we navigate the COVID-19 crisis, but as we navigate forward after we’ve defeated it. To really develop a bond, to trust, to rely on, to get to what matters, you need to see who you’re talking to. After all, seeing is believing.”

Brightcove Continuum is designed to help businesses enhance productivity and achieve goals using video to create a more human connection. And, it helps ensure organizations run effectively, securely and with minimal disruptions. 

Brightcove Continuum enables clear, concise communications across an organization. While the COVID-19 outbreak may have brought video to the forefront, savvy companies have been using it as the tool of choice when it comes to securely distributing information throughout an organization, and to the community. Increasingly, leaders are providing updates on how the business is being affected while advising on possible solutions.

Companies can also use Brightcove Continuum for educational purposes. Whether it’s incident response or compliance, video has shifted how companies are ensuring their employees are trained and certified on what to do during certain situations. 

And, as workforces become more remote, Brightcove Continuum can help facilitate alignment on overall business objectives. From external marketing to employee updates, video has become the go-to technology for engaging audiences and communicating a consistent message. 

Brightcove Continuum allows companies to harness the power of video securely and reliably.

Brightcove’s platform has market leading reliability, and built into Brightcove Continuum are security options that can be configured to meet the strategic needs of a business, without the risks that meetings will be compromised or networks infected with malware or viruses.

Brightcove Continuum is a solution that can be scaled from small team live or recorded training, to sharing executive communications and even sharing a live event with more than 1,000 virtual attendees… and also have those assets available as on-demand videos to share with any audience, simply, quickly and efficiently. Live and recorded content can be viewed via a web portal and through a mobile app.

Finally, Brightcove prides itself on being awarded the TSIA Support Staff Excellence Certification for the past six years. Brightcove delivers 24/7 support with SLAs as fast as 15 minutes. There’s also an option for a dedicated support representative.

The bottom line: Brightcove Continuum helps companies keep critical communications and business activities intact across the entire organization.

There’s a new requirement for video in the enterprise. And, while it may be driven currently by the crisis surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s also part of what is an evolution of business. We see that remote work is becoming more the norm than a necessity of last resort; it’s critical that we keep the human connections that power today’s business.

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