Avanade doubles page views, gets 4x engagement with video-centric strategy

by Jun 7, 2019Brightcove, CMMA Blog0 comments

Using video, Avanade has completely redefined their relationship with their customers.  “Over the last two years, integrating video … led us to redesign our site, reevaluate our digital ecosystem and place more focus on the client experience,” says Matt Stegen, Director of Digital Marketing. “Our focus has been to improve engagement with our site and content, reduce bounce, and deepen our insights about our visitors.”

Embedding video in marketing strategy

Video is a key part of the Avanade experience that cascades across the entire B2B customer journey. It’s part of the content development mix, the engagement lifecycle of their audience; it’s even embedded into KPIs. Why? It turns out, video is what the Avanade audience craves, and putting it at the center of their user experience has resulted in major payoffs.

“We’re seeing strong results,” Stegen said during his keynote address at PLAY 2018. “Visitors who engage with video visit twice as many pages, engage with four times more assets, stay on site four times longer, and bounce four times less.”

Making it possible with key integrations

Three critical technologies—Sitecore, Marketo and Brightcove—sit at the core of Avanade’s MarTech stack. By integrating all three, Stegen and his team are able to bring the client experience to life with video. Beyond providing the nuts and bolts of delivering video content, this martech ecosystem also delivers insights into how video helps attract, engage, nurture, and convert along the clients’ and prospects’ journey with Avanade.

For more on Avanade’s customer-focused, video-driven marketing overhaul, read the full case study —you’ll learn exactly how Stegen used video data to drive engagement and nurture leads.

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