Announcing support for Amazon Creator for Fire TV

by Jun 7, 2019CMMA Blog, TechTalk0 comments

As video consumption on connected TVs increases YOY , we continue to strengthen our partnerships with the leading connected TV platforms in order to bring Brightcove customers the latest, most innovative solutions for reaching and growing their audience on the big screen. We’re excited to announce our most recent development:

Amazon Creator is now available to Brightcove Video Cloud customers. Amazon released an integration with Brightcove for Amazon Creator, a simple-to-use web tool that enables content owners to create web apps for Fire TV without any coding.

In just a few steps , Brightcove customers can make their content that’s hosted and managed in Video Cloud available to millions of Amazon customers. Analytics about video consumption on Fire TV are conveniently captured in Video Cloud. Monetization, via advertising or subscription, is not supported at this time, but the Amazon team looks forward to enhancing the solution over time based on customer need.

“We know that building an app can sometimes be overwhelming for content creators, so we wanted to create an easy, intuitive way for them to showcase their videos on Fire TV,” explains Sashi Bommakanty, software development manager at Amazon. “We’re excited to have enhanced the Amazon Creator product by integrating with longtime partner, Brightcove, giving Video Cloud customers the ability to efficiently and affordably create apps for Fire TV.”

To learn more about Amazon Creator and the Brightcove integration, check out Amazon’s documentation: Use Brightcove as Your Video Source .

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