5 Tips on Welcoming New Employees

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Congrats! You’ve hired the perfect talent for an open role and a start date is set. Now how do you retain that talent ? According to a survey by Nintex , about 31% of new hires quit within the first six months of their new role and 20% leave within the first 45 days. Welcoming new employees is the solution.

Managers are realizing that the onboarding process starts well before the new hires first day of work. These first interactions between you, the new hire, and other internal staff are essential for the future success of your team. Still, the question remains: As a manager, what should you do after a start date is established?

5 Tips on Welcoming New Employees:

  1. Start engagement before the first day.

The more a new hire knows about your company and culture, the less nervous and more excited they will be. Whether over the phone or by email, reach out to the employee with detailed information regarding these 5 essentials:

  • Start date and time
  • Regular business hours
  • Any special instructions for entering the office or building
  • Company dress code
  • Additional resources, such as company welcome videos or links to important pages on your company’s website.
  1. Invest in the employee’s transition.

First impressions are everything. On their first day, your new hire wants to feel welcomed, excited and set up for success. As a manager and leader, you are responsible for staging a smooth transition. Preparing a designated workspace for the employee will show that you are prepared for their arrival. Some companies provide “swag bags,” or branded items, to symbolize inclusion in the team. You should also alert the office to the new employee’s first day. Whether it’s a simplistic email or a more creative announcement, the message remains the same. By welcoming the new hire to the office, they receive a first glimpse into the company culture and enthusiasm surrounding their arrival.

  1. Set a preliminary schedule.

A new employee’s first week is jam packed with heaps of information, new faces and briefings on projects to come. Schedule out your new hire’s initial training sessions and meetings to ease some of the pressure. Avoid information overload and gradually introduce them to your company’s workflow.

  1. Highlight the team and company culture.

When it comes to company culture, you are responsible for bringing your new employee up to speed. Ideally, the new employee should have the opportunity to meet with a person from each department they will interact with over the course of their role. This will help them gain an understanding of the company culture and the type of people they will work with.

Highlight the importance of engagement, collaboration and excitement surrounding employee and leadership roles. This will humanize your workplace and show the new employee that they will be working with caring, passionate and relatable people. When it comes to employee retention, this goes a long way.

You can go the extra mile and assign the new employee a buddy who can take them out to lunch and answer lingering questions. The buddy is typically a well-informed individual who can provide guidance on working for your company.

  1. Check in and be present.

You can maintain professional relationships with communication and interaction. Though managerial style may range from person to person, it is essential to show a level of interest in your new hire’s current state. You can do so by being present in their daily activities. A good way to gauge how they are settling in is by setting up a check in with the new employee one week after they start. You should express genuine interest in their transition into your team. As a result, your new employee will build trust in you and gain the ability to disclose work-related troubles with you in the future.


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