5 Steps to Create Business-Boosting Video Content

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Nearly 85% of marketing professionals say that video is one of the most effective tactics to generate leads. Paired with the 95% of consumers who claim that they retain more information when it’s conveyed through video content – and the moral of the story is crystal clear: If you are not creating business-boosting video content to engage with your audience, you need to start NOW.

A majority of today’s consumers are conducting most of their transactions on mobile devices or smartphones. Short social videos can be a primary means of grabbing their attention and connecting with them directly.

The good news is that the tools you need to conceive, develop, and produce short form video content is easily attainable, and in all likelihood probably being held in your hand as we speak.

With video generating more than 1200% more shares than text and image combined on social media platforms, can you really afford to wait any longer to generate winning content?

Now’s the time to get started. Just keep the following five tips in mind when creating business-boosting video content:

  1. Know your purpose. Start with your end goal and work backwards. You must know who your target audience is, and what information they are hoping to obtain after watching your video. Set firm goals for your content and determine how you anticipate providing this information in an organized fashion.
  2. Don’t wing it. Many first timers are eager to jump in with both feet and figure out the process as they go along. Resist this urge. After you’ve established an objective, start with a shot list or a storyboard, and put a script – no matter how simple – together.
  3. Assemble the talent! Determining whether to use on-site employees or outsourced talent will depend on a number of factors, from available budget to messaging. Be certain to weigh the pros and cons of each . Hired talent can often expedite the creative process, as little prep is required. However, actors may not be able to provide the level of authenticity and institutional knowledge you are seeking.
  4. Fix it in post. The editing “bay” is where your video truly comes together. So, take advantage of today’s stellar video editing software and trim long pauses and incessant stutters, and piece together the best takes from your shoot.
  5. Start tallying those views. Integrate keywords and key phrases that will draw attention to your video and boost your ranking on search engines , ensuring that everyone gets to see your hard work pay off.

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