4 Top Tips for an Improved Diversity Recruiting Strategy

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Your team should reflect the world it supports. That’s why a strong diversity recruiting strategy is critical to fostering a successful business.

Diversity leads to innovation, it’s just that simple.

Multiple perspectives are integral to shaping new concepts. And team building that is blind to race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation is so important as the world moves forward.

The key is that recruiting should always be based on merit, while free from any and all biases. A solid diversity recruiting strategy provides the following benefits for your business:

     – A wider ranger of in-house specialties.
     – An enhanced cultural awareness and a broader language base.
     – An expansive array of candidates.
     – Greater revenues (and greater influence)

Here are just four tips for creating a successful diversity recruiting strategy from the top recruiters in the field:

  1. Demonstrate your diversity upfront. We’re not going to bury the lede. Practice what you preach. Put your money where your mouth is. You choose the colloquialism. The bottom line is that in order to attract diverse talent, you need to show that it has been a priority for your business in the first place. Shape your brand into one that actively demonstrates the value it places on myriad thoughts and beliefs and opinions. Make it an integral part of your culture – and your policies, overall.
  2. Make changes to your ads: Review your current postings to determine if your copy is inadvertently targeted to certain groups, while isolating or outright ignoring others. If needed, restructure your messaging to appeal to a wider range of prospects and hopefuls. Conversely, you can write job ads with your diversity recruiting strategy in mind, directing them to a certain demographic, but specifying why you are looking for a certain type of candidate.
  3. Source talent from multiple places. Review your hiring processes. Have you gotten in a rut, returning to the same wells, time after time? Mix up your talent search in order to diversify your findings. Explore online groups that cater to the demographic you are searching for. Don’t sit idly by waiting for the right person to come to you. Actively seek them out.
  4. Incentivize: Offering internships and co-op roles to prospects from diverse backgrounds can be a phenomenal way to generate interest for your company. Collaborate with local schools and community hubs that foster up-and-coming talent and start networking.

Identify your company goals and get started shaping a successful diversity recruiting strategy. Maslow Media Group can help. As a comprehensive outsourced recruiting specialist, we draw from an extensive global network of diverse talent. We regularly interview and screen candidates, process background and reference checks, and monitor new hires for performance. Contact us today  to find out how we can help you.

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