3 Tips to Enhance Hiring and Business Compliance Measures in the New Year

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Another year nears its close, and a new, 365-day opportunity to improve business practices and enhance office culture lies ahead.

Consider the following three tips to boost your recruiting efforts and develop effective business compliance measures in 2022:

  1. Be thoughtful when recruiting new talent: Beware of unconscious hiring biases , like focusing solely on good, often “shared” traits (a favorite sports team, an alma mater), and shelving the bad – or giving in to the urge to “go with one’s gut.” These kneejerk reactions, and many others, may unintentionally rob your company of star talent before they even have a chance to prove themselves. Also, work hard to develop a diversity recruiting strategy to enhance your productivity and ingenuity. Multiple perspectives are the fuel for new ideas and innovation. Assess your company’s goals and get a fresh start in 2022.
  2. Get your W-2s and your 1099s straight up front: Misclassification of employees as independent contractors continues to be a hot button issue that lands employers in hot water time and time again. Don’t be one of them. Non-compliance often stems from misunderstanding regulations and standards, and not necessarily criminal behavior (though that does happen). Make it a point to know the rules, and/or partner with an Employer of Record who can help you perfect business compliance measures.
  3. Be flexible when you can: The “Great Resignation” taught employers and executives that talented team members are starving for a more democratic workplace situation. After work from home scenarios became commonplace at the peak of the pandemic, eyes were opened, and the dynamic changed. Armed with new leverage, employees are demanding a more amicable work-life balance, and it behooves hiring parties to offer this flexibility when possible .

Maslow Media Group offers outsourced recruiting expertise and can serve as a comprehensive Employer of Record for your business. We regularly draw from an extensive network of global talent to locate top-shelf candidates for your team, while helping you build a stronger, more efficient company with business compliance measures and protections, payroll management, and so much more. Contact us today  to learn more.






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