How to live stream your holiday event

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means it’s time to ensure you have the right holiday content strategy in place. Whether you’re an ecommerce professional looking to promote a seasonal sale or an HR representative hoping to broadcast your local holiday party to your global team, live streaming can be a powerful tool to increase engagement and spread holiday cheer.

Looking to learn more about how to live stream your event this season? You’re in luck! We rounded up some of our top blog posts covering all the basics:

  • How to Gear Up, Prepare For, and Promote Your Live Stream
    We get it: Live streaming an event can seem daunting. Where should you even begin? Check out this post for an overview of the equipment you’ll need and tips on how to build an audience.

  • How to Go Live, Flawlessly. 3 Essential Live Video Tips Worth Repeating
    Once you have all the necessary tools, it’s time to start thinking about a few basic best practices to ensure your live stream goes as smoothly as possible. Check out this guide for some tips and tricks on how to shine in front of the camera, capitalize on urgency and solicit audience interaction.

  • Best Practices for Monetizing Live Events & 24/7 Channels
    CSAI and SSAI and CDNs, oh my! Check out this post for a quick breakdown of everything you need to know about monetizing your live event.

  • Maximize Your Live Event’s ROI: Turn it Into VOD Assets
    After you’ve run a successful live stream, you’ll want to make the most out of the valuable content you’ve created. Check out this piece on creating video-on-demand assets out of your live event footage.

  • 12 Ways to Use Live Video
    Once you see the amazing results from your live holiday event, you may start thinking of other ways you can incorporate streaming into your overall strategy. Check out this guide for tips on 12 ways you can start using live video internally and externally.

This holiday season, be sure to think about how you can leverage live video to meet your goals and increase engagement. For more tips and tricks on how to live stream, check out the recording of our recent webinar, Let’s Talk Live: How to Build the Live Stream Experience Your Audience Wants .

Happy Streaming!

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