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AR/VR  What’s what? 

Augmented Reality (AR) – any instance where you’re overlaying a virtual environment or digital objects on a device (such as your phone) and mapping it to the real world.  It’s Pokémon GO, Snapchat filters.  AMP Creative uses their own application  (available at the app store!)  to launch your phone’s camera, giving you access to their augmented business cards – in addition to contact info, it seamlessly links to and plays their demo reel. 

Virtual Reality (VR) – A fully immersive experience where you’re cutting yourself off from the real word and entering a completely created environment.

The stats on learning and retention in a VR environment are impressive.

This highly educational experience was followed up by a VR demo and a tour of AMP’s studios.

Special thanks to our event sponsors, Kaltura and PayReel for a cutting edge experience.

Featured Speakers

RussellRussell Johnson – Creative Director

Russell Johnson began his career in Los Angeles working with a variety of media organizations including Upper Deck New Media, Studios USA, and Sam Raimi’s Pac Renaissance. He managed production for the physical effects house Optic Nerve Studios during their Emmy Award-winning season of the cult science fiction series Babylon 5. Afterward, he served for many years as a visual effects producer before returning home to Texas. There he worked as a writer/editor for a number of reality television projects at Brushfire films before signing on with AMP Creative. Initially their lead editor and post-production manager, Russell now operates as one the boutique agency’s Creative directors, developing and executing projects for Fortune 500 companies nationwide. He was an early advocate for AMP’s expansion into the world of immersive video, and has developed, directed, and edited several projects in this exciting new field.


Bowie HeadshotBowie DeShazo – Director of Innovation

After studying production and new media at Rowan University, Bowie developed his skills as a director, producer, and storyteller. In his current role as Director of Innovation at AMP Creative, he leads emerging technology projects. Bowie works with clients to facilitate the creation of learning ecosystems through many different forms of media, including VR, AR, interactive multimedia, custom app development, interactive signage, and immersive video. His passion is collaborating with clients to bring value by developing and implementing new ways to interact with information.

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