2019 National Conference – San Diego

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Preparing for Your Future Starts Now!

CMMA’s National Conference gives you the tools you need to lead your department towards success and peak performance, provides take homes to align your future goals, presents bleeding-edge industry advancements, offers unparalleled opportunities to discuss best practices with industry peers and ensures direct access to top vendors in the media industry.

Our 2019 Keynote Speaker -Rick Eldridge

CEO-Producer of ReelWorks Studios a multifaceted film/video production company in Charlotte, NC; Rick has over 35 years in the entertainment business as a musician, producer, director and entrepreneur. He has been involved in every facet of creative development and production management in the entertainment industry.

Our 2019 Opening Day Featured Speaker

Mark A. Hyde MA, CEAP

Leadership Perspectives on Managing Workplace Culture

One of the most challenging tasks for leaders is managing the day-to-day interaction issues that occur in every work environment.  This presentation will identify specific strategies leaders can immediately apply to manage employee complaints, change undesirable behavior and minimize co-worker conflict.

Mark has been managing the Employee Assistance Program at Mayo Clinic Rochester for the past 19-plus years. He has been working with workplace leaders for the last 25 years, focusing on ways to enhance employee performance and job satisfaction. Mark has published leadership articles in HR Executive Magazine, SuperVision Magazine, EAP Digest, McGraw Hill graduate school textbook and been featured in Carolyn Kepcher’s  New York Daily News article on a variety of workplace issues. Mark is a popular speaker and trainer on a variety of work and life related topics.

Participants will be able to:
  • Identify key reasons behind employee conflict
  • Teach employees How to Complain
  • Redefine teamwork and work culture
  • Debunk common myths related to teamwork

Featured Speaker

Melonie Parker

Building a diverse team and preparing for the future

Advancing diversity and inclusion engagement drives Melonie Parker—an inventive, stimulating, and timely Human Resources leader

Media managers are continually challenged to stay ahead of communication and technology trends while maintaining a strong team culture. Melonie Parker, Google’s Chief Diversity Officer & Director of Employee Engagement will share ways to keep employees engaged and feeling valued, so that the best creative ideas flourish. It’s not just about helping employees be happy. It’s helping them to be comfortable and confident in bringing their whole selves—the things that make them a unique and valuable contributor—to work with them each day.

Prior to Google, Melonie shared this same passionate and innovative approach to equity and inclusion as the Vice President of Human Resources & Communications at Sandia Corporation. She also has 17 years of experience in diversity programs, employee relations, and outreach initiatives from her time at Lockheed Martin.  Melonie has a rich and varied background, full of experiences that inform her efforts to help mangers achieve sustained success by building diverse teams.

Managers will learn how to:

  • Foster individualism through the strength of the group
  • Retain employees through stretch assignments and growth opportunities
  • Give the most pertinent information to executive management to influence funding and strategic direction
  • Grow future talent from within your department




Closing Speaker

Richard Lederer

Nothing is more important to communicators than the ability to use language to educate, inform, motivate, and convince. Richard is the author of 50 books about language, history, and humor, including his best-selling Anguished English series and his current book, The Joy of Names.   Join him on an intellectual joy ride through our English language. Some of the stops will include grammar, usage, pronunciation, metaphor, and puns.

The CMMA Leadership Forum

Featuring 2019 Moderator Greg Sneed

A CMMA cherished tradition, the Leadership Forum is an opportunity for attendees to discuss leadership successes (what’s worked) and challenges (what could work better). Join host, Greg Sneed, Mayo Clinic Arizona, in sharing best practices in performance management, workplace satisfaction, and creating a culture of innovation.  The Leadership Forum is an excellent opportunity to tap into the collective knowledge and experiences of CMMA members.

2019 CMMA Leadership Forum Moderator Greg Sneed

Greg manages Event Support Services at all Mayo Clinic campuses. He is a Mayo Clinic Quality Academy faculty member and a teaching facilitator for Mayo Clinic Workforce Learning. He serves on five Mayo Clinic institutional committees, is co-chair of a Mayo Clinic employee resource affinity group, and is a member of the Mayo Program in Professionalism & Values Arizona team.

The CMMA Technology Forum

Featuring 2019 Moderator Pete Pallagi

Always a CMMA highlight, this year’s Technical Forum, hosted by Mayo Clinic’s Pete Pallagi, features Dan Mooney from Kohl’s and focuses on using LED backdrops to create the illusion of an immersive environment that surpasses traditional approaches such as green screens. In addition, we’ll be discussing member-submitted topics such as new trends in webcasting, shared storage systems/DAMS, and how media teams partner with technology/IT teams.

2019 CMMA Technology Forum Moderator Pete Pallagi

Pete is the Supervisor for Photography at Mayo Clinic in Arizona. He has been part of teams that have developed hardware and software for the Mayo Clinic enterprise and is published in multiple peer-reviewed journals related to hardware and software creation, uses and acceptance. Pete also serves as the Sustainability Officer for Mayo Clinic Arizona where he works with department leaders to ensure the responsible use of our limited resources.

CMMA Gives Back!

What do you love about the beach? The cigarette butts? The plastic bottles? How about old food wrappers? Yeah, we didn’t think so. Join your CMMA colleagues Saturday morning as we give-back by cleaning up Silver Strand Beach!

Healthy oceans are everyone’s responsibility. One of the best ways to keep trash out of the ocean is to get trash off the beach. Gloves and bags will be provided, all we need from you is a little elbow grease.

The 2019 Bijou Content Experience Showcase

Have something really cool to share? Want to discuss challenges in producing it?  Submit your best media project to the Bijou Experience.
The Bijou Experience is your opportunity to share new approaches and ideas for videos, campaigns, web builds, print media, and live events.  You’ll come away inspired by the number of CMMA individuals producing outstanding content.
It’s always a fun time!  (Be sure to leave room for candy and popcorn!)

CMMA Cares!

CMMA believes in giving back—Join us as we help the San Diego Book Project get books into the hands of underprivileged students! The San Diego Book Project began in 2007 with the donation of books from a local online bookseller to an inner city school. Since then, the non-profit has given more than 750,000 books to San Diego’s preschool, elementary, middle, and high school classrooms and on-campus libraries, with thousands more given to students to take home for themselves.

For some, these are the first books  they have ever owned.

Helping couldn’t be easier – bring a book or two to donate. We’ll drop them off. 


2018 National Conference – Savannah

Past National Conferences

When we chose the theme for this conference, we wondered if people would be confused by it. What does agility mean for a media manager? Nimble, responsive, act of being agile are some dictionary definitions. For CMMA President, Gregg Moss, it’s about how we respond to and manage change. Change is not a new topic for us. I’ve had a ton of change in my work environment in the past year: leadership, personnel, platforms. We have to be responsive to these kinds of changes.

The 2018 CMMA National Conference in Savannah was an action packed conference full of events, giving back, tours and of course some of the most renowned Speakers available to our group.

Our 2018 Keynote Speaker willbowenlogo

Agile teams celebrate and thrive on the diversity and unique attributes other bring to a project.  When celebration turns to consternation, agility is lost as teams become mired in seemingly endless complaints.  “I can’t even start my work until he finishes his!”  “I have an idiot for a client.” “My boss doesn’t have a clue.”

Complaining is often simply a way to blow off steam or express frustration.  But when complaints become frequent, pointed and emotional, it creates a negative environment that can be toxic to you and your teams.  If complainers are allowed to go unchallenged, it can be a significant de-motivator for the positive people on your team and can lead to squabbling, poor moral, and good people leaving for better jobs. Will Bowen has developed a tried-and-true way to spot chronic complaining, both in yourself and others, and to take simple, logical steps to change behavior, silence the complaining, and build a positive environment at work or at home. In this presentation, CMMA conference attendees will learn: • What’s wrong with complaining? • What are chronic complaining’s destructive effects on health, relationships, and career. • How complainers can be toxic to a team and destroy working relationships. • What is, and isn’t a complaint? • Five principal reasons people complain. • How to get other people, and ourselves to stop complaining Along the way, Mr. Bowen will teach us tips to demonstrate positive leadership in a negative world.

Enjoy Images from Will Bowen’s talk

Our 2018 Opening Day Featured Speaker September 23, 2018, 1:45-2:45pm

Andy Kaufman, PMP

Presentation title: “That’s Not What I Meant!”

As media managers, communications is our business. We create videos and websites and print materials and social media posts that rank in the top tier of “corporate” communications. But oftentimes our most challenging communications are the interpersonal communications with co-workers and staff. How can we be sure that we are communicating effectively with those upon who we depend to help craft our corporate and leadership messages, and how can we spot situations where the things go sideways because of communications breakdowns.

In his presentation, “That’s Not What I Meant!”, Andy Kaufman, PMP, international speaker, author, and executive coach, will give us tools to identify communications challenges and create strategies to dramatically improve our ability to communicate effectively with our teams. After participating in this session, participants will be able to:

  • Identify key areas where breakdowns often occur with communication so they can be avoided
  • Describe biases that make it more difficult for people to understand each other
  • Summarize a 5-part model from neuroscience that can help communication be more effective
  • Apply a 5-step process to improve their ability to be understood

View Images from Andy’s Talk

Our Monday Afternoon Speaker Candice Brokenshire – Beyond the VOG – How To Lead and Build Trust When Coaching Your Executives

We often treat our corporate executives as deities. They’ve worked their way up through corporate America, or the halls of academia, to sit at the top of the ladder and lead us through the good times and bad. But what we sometimes don’t realize is that these leaders are considerably outside their comfort zone in exactly the space where we as media managers are at our best: in front of a camera or a live audience.

Our executives often struggle to look and sound their best in live or recorded situations, and it’s well within our expertise to help them. The challenge for us is that we may not have the comfort level to act as a coach to our CEO, CFO, or other top-level leaders. Executive Coach and Founder and CEO of Considering Starlings, Candice Brokenshire, SMC-C, CPCC, will take us “Beyond the Voice of God” and give us the tools to coach members of our executive suite toward an outstanding public-facing presence.

View images from Candice’s talk

Our 2018 Closing Speaker September 25, 2018 Nan Crawford Courageous Creativity — Tools to Navigate, Challenge, and Instigate Change 

We’re all faced with a daily deluge of demands and distractions. It can be understandably tempting to pull back and play it safe. How do we reconnect to an enlivened sense of innate determination? How do we stay focused on what matters most while being flexible and innovative? How do we approach the personal, professional and planetary challenges before us with courageous creativity?

Join this energizing, interactive session to…

  • Examine the key obstacles that hold us back from creating a culture of authenticity and innovation
  • Learn insights from neuroscience research on creativity, improvisation, and cognitive flexibility
  • Understand the mindset that helps us act decisively in the midst of uncertainty
  • Leverage a fundamental tool of collaboration to increase empathy
  • Discover for yourself, your organizations, and your communities how to embody leadership with clarity and confidence

View images from Nan’s talk

The CMMA Leadership Forum

Featuring 2018 Moderator Dick Van Deusen, AMM

Do you have a “challenging” employee working for you? Do you have a new boss who doesn’t understand your value to the organization? Have you been struggling with the latest freelance and contractor rules? Are you seeking new ways to motivate your staff? If so, the CMMA Leadership Forum may have the answers.

A long-standing staple of every CMMA National Conference, the CMMA Leadership Forum, formerly known as the Management Topic-Go-Round, is a safe and open environment where media managers can bring up leadership issues, concerns, and problems and get advice from the best of the best in our business. The top media leaders in the country are there to help you gain the leadership skills to tackle those pesky issues at work. This year, the Leadership Forum will be moderated by Dick Van Deusen, AMM, who has been a leader in corporate media his entire career, and a CMMA member for 40 of those years. Intimately familiar with the challenges of leadership and management in the media industry, Dick will facilitate answers and help connect attendees with others who can help drive for success.

2018 CMMA Leadership Forum Moderator Dick Van Deusen, AMM

RICHARD E. VAN DEUSEN AMM, has had an agile career path. After a brief theater stint, Dick spent 30 years directing the evolution of corporate media communications for Prudential Financial; filmstrips to satellites. Post Pru he formed Media Strategies where he spent the next 17 years consulting on best practices and benchmarking with over 60 corporate media departments, including several CMMA members.

His publications covered financial management, outsourcing, the 2001 industry-wide study, Dynamic Media in Transition, The Media Manager’s Guide to Proving Value (2009) and The Wilke Papers (2013). Dick was a co-founder of ITVA (@ITVA1), two years as CMMA Exec. Director, 2004 CMMA Lifetime Achievement Award’ a Mayor and now lives in Manhattan with wife, former casting director Carol Nadell Van Deusen where he is a Trustee and Building Committee Chair of the Society for Ethical Culture and president of his Condo board. He also found his way back to his roots having directed nearly 40 play readings.

Images from Dick’s Forum

CMMA Gives Back!Americas-Second-Harvest

Hunger is a serious issue.  More than 49 million Americans struggle with food insecurity. That’s why CMMA chose America’s Second Harvest for our first Giving Back campaign.

We had a fantastic event and packed over 12,000 lbs of food for Second Harvest.  CMMA was proud to be a part of Second Harvest’s Event.


The Bijou Experience!

Improved for 2018 – The Bijou Content Experience Showcase 

We want you to think outside the timeline and bring us your best! Social Media campaigns, Website revamps, Print Media, Live Events, and Video will all be accepted into this year’s Bijou Experience. This is a great opportunity to share success stories with your peers. We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, we’ll ask “how’d you do that?”.
The Bijou Experience is for you, by you. So, grab your best work and don’t be shy about those humble-brags.


Past National Conferences

CMMA San Antonio Conference Replays.


2017 National Conference – The Leadership Paradox 

September 23 -26   /   San Antonio, Texas

As media managers responsible for our respective media production teams, budgets and deliverables, we are often faced with a dilemma.  Are we producers, managers or executives? Are we creative or technical?  Are we status quo or innovators? And do we lead by diving into the weeds or manage by setting goals and enabling others to lead?

This is our paradox and this is The Leadership Paradox.

This year, CMMA will lead others by developing a
three-day conference to crack open the dynamics of The Leadership Paradox.   As media production and communications continually evolve in a highly social world, we need to evolve as leaders.

Throw away the old paradigm of right brain vs left brain.

Join us in beautiful San Antonio for three days of fun, learning and leadership!

And be sure to check out our  Digital Brochure



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