AVI-SPL Enhances its Award-Winning Managed Services Practice in Collaboration with Microsoft

AVI-SPL Symphony

As companies adopt cloud services, they need to manage their meeting rooms so they can provide a seamless user experience and reach their business goals. AVI-SPL is committed to providing that support as the leader in comprehensive managed meeting-room solutions.  We’ve just strengthened our value to organizations by collaborating with Microsoft as a co-delivery partner for the Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium program being formally released for general availability at Inspire 2020. 

Through this delivery partnership, AVI-SPL will provide technology-agnostic remote support with real-time remediation (eliminating the need to create separate workflows for Microsoft Teams Rooms and traditional meeting rooms). AVI-SPL will also deliver dedicated on-site personnel, on-site services with service-level agreements, comprehensive monitoring solutions powered by AVI-SPL Symphony, and virtual event services.  

Consistent with the enthusiastic response Microsoft received to its private preview of Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium, AVI-SPL has received strong customer response to its shared intention of managed meeting room collaboration with Microsoft.  Customers are viewing this approach as a “best of both worlds” solution, enabling continued, comprehensive meeting-room support for the Teams experience, scaled globally by AVI-SPL and enhanced with the subject matter expertise and endorsement of Microsoft.  Unified Communications and Collaboration programs provided by AVI-SPL include:

  • Needs analysis and business process consulting to establish technology and design standards for Teams and to develop sustainable support models integrated into native IT workflows and platforms
  • Procurement and deployment services for premise-based and cloud infrastructure, cloud video interoperability solutions, and meeting room technologies
  • Customer success programs powered by business intelligence, technology lifecycle management – including remote and on-site maintenance plans, proactive managed meeting room solutions with real-time remediation, and conference and event management

Driven by a relentless focus on delivering a world-class customer experience, leading transformational continuous service improvement, and contributing meaningful thought leadership and innovation, AVI-SPL’s managed services practice has been driving value for organizations of all types around the world.  These services are anchored by AVI-SPL Symphony, a user experience management application that serves as the broadest single-pane view into technology estates, enables integrated end-to-end workflow automation, and generates actionable business intelligence.  Coordinated from AVI-SPL’s Global Service Operation Centers in the United States and in Europe, and delivered to organizations all over the world, the company’s managed services practice has been recognized in multiple Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards.  

With AVI-SPL and Microsoft working on your behalf, we can drive adoption of Microsoft Teams across your enterprise and provide the support that ensures it provides the value you expect. Businesses interested in pursuing a solution co-delivered by AVI-SPL and Microsoft are encouraged to engage their sales contact, or submit an inquiry to contact@avispl.com.

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Microsoft and ON24 Team Up for Seamless Webinars


At ON24, we’re all about making personal engagement at scale as easy as possible. Which is why we’re pretty excited to be selected as the only webinar platform supported by the flourishing Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 platform. And it’s a booming platform, seeing a 65 percent growth rate during the first three quarters of fiscal 2018 — even faster than Microsoft Office 365.

Dynamics 365 is a combination of applications, including customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and marketing automation, hosted on Microsoft Azure, the company’s cloud platform. Dynamics 365 for Marketing is an ideal solution for marketers and marketing agencies seeking to simplify their business applications on the Microsoft stack.

To get a better idea of just what this partnership between Microsoft and ON24 entails — and what everyone gets out of it — we sat down with Lou Pelosi, VP of Business Development and Partnerships at ON24 to ask him a few questions about this development. Here’s what he had to say:


Can you explain the relationship between Microsoft and ON24?

Lou Pelosi:

From a high level, we’ve expanded our customer and technical relationship with Microsoft and signed a co-marketing agreement with their Microsoft Dynamics 365 team. The goals of the agreement are to drive greater value for our joint customers and to market and sell together to obtain new customers.


What was the impetus for this partnership?

Lou Pelosi:

Microsoft launched Dynamics 365 for Marketing earlier this spring to connect sales and marketing and help them to make smarter decisions to maximize marketing ROI. Our strategies and promises — especially when it comes to facilitating both human engagement and actionable insights at scale — to marketers are aligned and complementary.

Microsoft, and Dynamics 365, in particular, has been on a tear recently. Market share is up, the stock price has tripled in recent years, and investing in new SaaS architectures and applications which have significant momentum in the market.


How will ON24 work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing?

Lou Pelosi:

The Microsoft marketing application includes an out-of-the-box ON24 adapter allowing marketers to schedule and reserve ON24 webinars without leaving the marketing application. It also provides both the ON24 presenter and audience URLs to use in emails and landing pages for event promotion and execution. Ultimately, the marketer understands who registered, who attended and collects actionable data on engaged attendees.

Microsoft customers must still purchase an ON24 account, but the initial integration simplifies the webinar process. ON24 is making a special 30-day free trial available to Dynamics 365 for Marketing customers and prospect. You can learn more here.


How will this evolve over time?

Lou Pelosi:

Microsoft and ON24 continue to invest heavily in marketing technologies and solutions. There are several ways our relationship could evolve as we move forward. Options include improving the out-of-the-box integration capabilities to add more fields and more data for the marketer to gain more insights, improving workflows to simplify webinar management and execution and collaborating on our broader portfolio of martech solutions. We’ll be working diligently in the coming months to communicate our value to customers, prospects and partners. If there are any questions about how you can benefit from the partnership, you can email dynamics@on24.com.

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It’s Time to Wake Up Your Scale


Let’s talk about scale. As a concept, it’s simple enough — you take an item or set of figures and expand or contract — proportionally — as needed. Projectors, for example, can scale from a small frame to a massive frame with little effort. Similarly, you hold down the “shift” key when expanding a picture in PowerPoint or Word you’re making that image scale.

As a concept, scale is great.

Scale is great, of course, unless you need to scale revenue-generating ideas. Programs, people, pipeline — they’re all easy to scale in concept, but executing proportional growth for an organization is very, very difficult — doubly so if your role depends on it.

The ON24 Engagement Platform removes the difficulty from scaling your webinar events. It provides you with the tools you need to take a webinar from a few viewers to thousands or whittling an event intended for a massive audience down to a select few. Whether you’re using a global or account-based campaign, you have the power to stretch, shrink and scale your webinars to suit your needs.

Even more impactful is the platform’s ability to scale your programs — whether it’s marketing, certifications, continuing education or more — to your next market. ON24 makes it easy for you to push your hard-fought-for programs, and the ON24 platform, to peers in any region, regardless if they reside in a different county, state, country or global region. In fact, with ON24’s easy-to-use platform, you can teach distant co-workers and co-marketers — through ON24 and its robust, interactive widget — on how they can build and scale webinar campaigns and programs. This provides your organization with both marketing power and regional marketing programs that can scale specifically for a particular theatre of operations — extending your brand, your messaging and your values anywhere on the planet in a one-to-one scale.

So go ahead, expand your marketing efforts. Push your demos overseas. Send your campaigns on a round-world trip and tip off your regional peers on the power of scalable webinars. It’s time to wake up your webinars and your scalability.

To learn more about how ON24 can wake up your webinars, check out www.on24.com/wakeupyourwebinars.

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