Webinar Recording: ClearOne Talks Pro AV Collaboration in the Enterprise

Audio Conferencing

For people to engage in workplace collaboration, the technology in meeting spaces has to feel natural and easy to use. The goal for companies is to provide that ease of use as they invest in solutions that provide long-term value.

During the AVI-SPL webinar “Meeting the Needs of Diverse Applications From Board Rooms to Huddle Rooms,” Ron Lynch of ClearOne discussed an essential aspect of this experience: solutions that address audio conferencing for large conference rooms in the workplace. In those spaces, attendees have to be able to move around in room and still be clearly heard through the room’s microphones.

Ron explained the benefits of the second generation of ClearOne’s Beamforming Mic Array and how it accommodates this freedom of movement throughout a room. The ClearOne BMA CT is the beamforming mic array that’s been designed for drop ceilings. It can be daisy chained via P-Link connections for large conference rooms and will maintain high-quality coverage as people move around the room.

It’s one integral piece to a collaboration room that includes…

For smaller areas like huddle spaces, ClearOne’s Versa Pro line empowers BYOD conferencing with professional-quality audio and video. The Versa Pro 50 includes the CONVERGE Huddle DSP Mixer, a ceiling mic array with 360-degree coverage, and the UNITE 50 camera ultra-wide camera. The Versa Pro 150 adds more visual power in the form of its UNITE 150 camera.

For both of these solutions, attendees bring their personal device into the huddle room and collaborate using their cloud application of choice. 

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Webinar Recording: Intersection of AV and ADA Compliance

ADA compliance

Access this webcast for a look at the issues you’ll encounter with accessibility and ways you can ensure your AV technology complies with the Americans With Disabilities Act.

When technology solutions don’t follow compliance dictates, they have the potential to create more barriers. For example: a lectern where the AV controls are not accessible to people in wheelchairs or a display that sticks out too far from the wall and becomes a hazard for those with sight disabilities.

In this AVI-SPL webinar, Legrand | AV’s Kathryn Gaskell and Karen Smidt discuss a few sections of the ADA (American With Disabilities Act) most relevant to AV, including:

  • Reach Ranges (section 308)
  • Operable Parts (sections 205 and 209)
  • Protruding Objects (sections 204 and 307)

You’ll gain an understanding of the AV challenges inherent in each section, and learn solutions for creating a more inclusive environment.

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About the presenters

Kathryn Gaskell
Director of Product Management – Chief Brand
Legrand | AV
Kathryn has worked at Legrand | AV for six years, leading product management for the Chief brand. Her efforts have led to the development of industry-leading display mounting solutions for education and corporate environments, digital signage applications and more. Her interest in ADA was spiked by frequent questions from customers, and a desire to solve their accessibility challenges with practical, well-designed solutions.
Karen Smidt
Director of Marketing – Commercial Brands
Legrand | AV
Karen began working at Legrand | AV 13 years ago and is currently leading the commercial marketing team in their efforts to provide useful, educational content to our customers and end users. Working with Kathryn to better understand customer questions around ADA, she has developed educational resources to help explain and solve many of the challenges at the intersection of AV and accessibility. 

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Webinar Recording: Creating the Huddle Room With Samsung and HARMAN

Audio Visual

During this AVI-SPL webinar, you’ll learn about Samsung and HARMAN‘s collaboration solutions for business and education, including:

Amanda Stanley, technical account senior manager for Samsung, discusses the workplace trends that make huddle rooms valuable as centers of collaboration. In this context, she explains the benefits of Samsung and HARMAN’s solutions for the huddle room. Amanda covers features like premium conferencing audio, touch interfaces, the Acendo Vibe (a conferencing sound bar with camera), and Acendo Core (a one-click meeting collaboration system).

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Webinar Recording: Biamp’s Voice-Tracking Microphone Arrays

Audio distribution

During this webinar, Zach Snook, audio product manager for Biamp, explains beamforming microphones and mic arrays and how they provide coverage within a meeting space. Download this webinar to hear Zach demonstrate Biamp’s voice-tracking performance from the Biamp Beamforming Studio, and learn about:

  • Benefits of beamforming mic arrays
  • How these mic arrays can be arranged in your rooms
  • How Biamp Beamtracking™ microphones track a moving talker so their voice is always being picked up
  • Tesira POE+ amplifiers
  • Using Biamp calculators to determine mic coverage and design rooms

Zach also answers questions on topics such as coverage in large rooms, and how to account for multiple talkers in a room or zone.

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