Webinar: How to Achieve the Right Audio Quality in Meeting Spaces

Audio Conferencing

Join us on July 9 at 2 p.m. EDT for this AVI-SPL-exclusive webinar to get an exciting overview of Shure’s new ecosystem of solutions for AV conferencing. This webinar will explain why good quality audio matters and provides resources for what you can do to achieve it. You’ll gain valuable knowledge on acoustics and speech intelligibility and learn best practices for executing well-designed conference rooms and meeting spaces. We’ll cover:
  • Five common audio issues that affect IT/AV integrators
  • Tips and tricks to avoid these pitfalls
  • Shure’s new Microflex® Networked Loudspeaker
  • MXA Linear Array Microphone
  • IntelliMix® processing and Designer 4.2 software

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Webinar Recording: Sound Masking 101


Add sound masking to your workplace, and you’ll create an environment that allows employees to be more productive while helping secure their sensitive conversations. During this AVI-SPL webinar with Biamp, you’ll hear about trends in office design and their impact on our speech privacy. You’ll also learn how to create a more comfortable office using the “ABCs” of acoustics.
David J. Wood, Biamp’s North-Central regional sales manager for building infrastructure solutions, covers:
  • The case for acoustic privacy
  • Speech privacy and why it matters
  • The fundamentals of sound masking
  • Q&A during the live event
Along the way, Wood will introduce Biamp’s next generation of sound-masking technologies, including QtPRO and DynasoundPRO. This informative event that will give you insight into the principles and solutions that should guide your efforts to create a workplace that improves productivity, reduces noise, and protects conversations during meetings.

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How to Solve Audio Challenges in Any Meeting Space

Audio Conferencing

You can overcome the challenges to providing quality audio throughout your workplace meeting spaces. For this articleAVI-SPL and HARMAN have collaborated to show you how to fix the audio challenges in spaces like:

  • Traditional conference rooms
  • Huddle rooms
  • Open collaboration spaces

You’ll also  get a look at specific HARMAN loudspeakers and microphones that are made to work in different collaboration environments, making it easy for you to standardize your technology deployment across your collaboration areas.

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Webinar Recording: Preparing Your Meeting Rooms for the Teams Experience

Audio Conferencing

The growing popularity of Microsoft Teams is a testament to our need to collaborate efficiently in real and virtual spaces. Poorly designed rooms undermine the collaboration culture. The user experience has to be consistent across the spectrum of spaces, from huddle spaces to lecture theaters.

Sneak preview:

During this webinar, Chris Fitzsimmons, product marketing manager for Biamp, looks at ways you can bring the Microsoft Teams experience into a variety of meeting spaces. Download this recording and you’ll learn about:

  • The difference between Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams Rooms 
  • AV best practices (with a focus on the importance of audio quality)
  • Microsoft-certified solutions from Biamp and how they improve the collaboration experience

Fitzsimmons also addresses audience questions on topics like network security and the features of Biamp solutions.

Here’s a short preview from this Biamp event that emphasizes the importance of audio to successful meetings:

Find out more of Fitzsimmons’ advice for creating an engaging collaboration experience in a variety of meeting spaces.

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How to Choose the Right AV-over-IP Solution

Audio distribution

Find out why AV-over-IP technology is becoming the new standard for distributing AV signals within the workplace.

AVI-SPL and Crestron collaborated on this guide, which helps you understand AV-over-IP and its advantages over traditional ways of sending audio and video signals. After reading this succinct, informative paper, you’ll understand:

  • Why AV-over-IP matters
  • Its ability to interact with your existing infrastructure
  • How to choose an AV-over-IP solution
  • Why Crestron DM NVX is an outstanding network AV solution 

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Webinar Recording: ClearOne Talks Pro AV Collaboration in the Enterprise

Audio Conferencing

For people to engage in workplace collaboration, the technology in meeting spaces has to feel natural and easy to use. The goal for companies is to provide that ease of use as they invest in solutions that provide long-term value.

During the AVI-SPL webinar “Meeting the Needs of Diverse Applications From Board Rooms to Huddle Rooms,” Ron Lynch of ClearOne discussed an essential aspect of this experience: solutions that address audio conferencing for large conference rooms in the workplace. In those spaces, attendees have to be able to move around in room and still be clearly heard through the room’s microphones.

Ron explained the benefits of the second generation of ClearOne’s Beamforming Mic Array and how it accommodates this freedom of movement throughout a room. The ClearOne BMA CT is the beamforming mic array that’s been designed for drop ceilings. It can be daisy chained via P-Link connections for large conference rooms and will maintain high-quality coverage as people move around the room.

It’s one integral piece to a collaboration room that includes…

For smaller areas like huddle spaces, ClearOne’s Versa Pro line empowers BYOD conferencing with professional-quality audio and video. The Versa Pro 50 includes the CONVERGE Huddle DSP Mixer, a ceiling mic array with 360-degree coverage, and the UNITE 50 camera ultra-wide camera. The Versa Pro 150 adds more visual power in the form of its UNITE 150 camera.

For both of these solutions, attendees bring their personal device into the huddle room and collaborate using their cloud application of choice. 

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