Who We Are

Gregg Moss

Bank of America

SVP, Broadcast & Live Events

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CMMA is an amazing resource for professional media managers. They offer a network of peers that understand my challenges and are ready to provide advice and council at a moment’s notice. Sharing ideas and best practices with an experienced stable of professional media managers enables me to bring best-in-class products and services back to my team. Every time I leave a CMMA event, I feel smarter!

Christopher Ferguson


Video Production & Photography Team Lead

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CMMA has provided me the opportunity to network with peers in the industry. This networking has been a tremendous help in learning about the challenges similar organizations face and how they overcame them. The National, Regional and Metro events offer a fantastic chance to view cutting edge new tools, techniques and strategies to help my organization succeed.

Ramiro Banderas

Rollins, Inc

Director, Media Services

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CMMA is at the center of my career life. It is the platform from where I have developed great relationships, friendships, partner connections, technology road maps and leadership initiatives. I love the fact that if I have a question, of any kind, I have a number of members I can call for answers.

Cynthia Hotvedt


Corporate Media Manager, Global & Executive Communications

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CMMA definitely helps me be a better leader by providing a great network of people who share their knowledge & expertise with me. I’ve gained a broader understanding of my industry and a great group of people to be my “tribe”. I’m a department of one, so love having a network of like-minded individuals that I can have discussions with who understand my world. They are people who have exactly the same struggles or questions that I have and can provide insights that I might not have though of on my own.

Jessica Rasch

City of St. Charles, MO


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CMMA allows me to network with my industry peers, stay current on the latest trends and keep updated on best practices.  I’ve discovered no matter how large the company or budget, we all face the same challenges. It’s a great place to brainstorm ideas and find real world solutions!