How to Decide Which UCC Team to Join: Cisco or Microsoft

AV in Meeting Spaces

You want to create a reliable strategy for improving your company’s unified communications and collaboration (UCC) experience. The better the collaboration among team members, the better the outcomes for the organization. 

The AVI-SPL Customer Advisory Board (CAB) includes large enterprises (including Fortune 500 companies) that met over three months in 2019 to discuss UCC platforms and their process of determining which ones are right for their operations.

Now you can draw on their experience and insight through this overview of their discussion of UCC platforms and their related challenges and opportunities.

UCC solutions like Cisco Webex Teams and Microsoft Teams can power a collaborative workplace, connect team members for meaningful collaboration in meeting spaces, and link offices around the world. In this article by AVI-SPL SVP of Marketing Kelly Bousman, you’ll learn:

  • How to assess your current collaboration state (with a chart to serve as your guide)
  • How to determine user preferences for your current UCC tools
  • Why companies like Cisco and Microsoft are developing their UCC capabilities
  • How Fortune 500 companies assess and compare the benefits of UCC solutions
  • The challenges that come with multi-vendor systems

With this information in mind, you can do what the CAB members have done or are doing — determine the benefits of improvements to their UCC capabilities and the ways to achieve those benefits. You’ll have the information to build a case for the UCC platform (or combination of platforms) that delivers the business impact you need.

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