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“Everyone should go to CES, at least once” is often heard throughout the 2.7 million sq. feet of the Consumer Electronic Show, held annually in Las Vegas, NV. The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is the largest conference for consumer electronics products in the United States. Drawing over 180,000 creative and technical leaders from companies around the world, many people believe that not going to CES is the equivalent to starting the year off as slow as Las Vegas’s McCarran airport’s security line on a Sunday morning.

If you are able to push past the awe of being at the center of technology and innovation, the real question is, is it worth it?  Having been to CES for the past few years, I’m here to share my insights to help you make the right decision for you and your company.

Set your goals.


If your New Year’s resolution is to increase your industry knowledge, dive into the session schedule and exhibitor list. Highlight the biggest trends, sessions and booths that would be beneficial to explore and align with your business goals. With an open mind, you might find the right combination of sessions and products that could collectively drive change to move your business forward.

If your goal is building relationships with new and prospective clients, reach out and see if they will be attending. If asking directly isn’t an option, check out their social media accounts. If the list is long enough, CES could provide a unique opportunity to start, or continue the conversation, and move them forward through the pipeline. By planning early and booking meetings in advance, you can help build out your CES schedule and increase the ROI before the event even starts. Plus, you will be better prepared for a successful meeting.



CES is a massive show with 15 conference tracks on a variety of topics all jam-packed with the latest insights. From immersive technologies and robotics, to autonomous vehicles and smart home gadgetry, the range of topics is extensive.  Additionally, CES has hundreds of speakers representing companies on a global scale, both large and small, from across virtually all industries. Check out the speaker list and see who might align with your target accounts. If you end up attending, sit in the front of their session and see if you can strike up a conversation before or after the session. It can be tough to stop busy executives, but the forum for sharing information and ideas is what CES is all about so many are very receptive.



The CES show floor will have over 4,000 exhibitors showing off the most cutting-edge technology and innovation. If you’re there to take it all in, you will come away with a personal, visceral reference for what the future might hold.  Taking in each exhibit’s size, location and attendee engagement can give you a first-hand glimpse at the emerging trends and might even give you a leg up on your competition.



Like all conferences, CES provides unique networking opportunities both built into the event schedule and just in the sheer volume of attendees. The number of brands that are present at CES increase dramatically year after year and the representative ranges from C-suite executives to the talented teams of designers and technicians. Whether you’re standing in line for a keynote or exploring the show floor, you never know who you will run in to.  It might just be your next big client.



Once you’ve carefully and strategically considered all the reasons why you should go, you need to weigh in the cost of attending.  On top of your conference pass, there will be travel expenses, hotel rooms, and meals which add up pretty quickly, especially in Las Vegas. Hotel rooms and flights tend to double and triple their normal booking rates, so book early! And don’t forget to include extra spend for “wining and dining” your prospective clients.


Still unsure of what to expect at CES 2019 Check out our CES 2018 Recap for more insights!

With all that in mind, if your needle is leaning towards “go”, we hope to see you there!  Shoot me an email and let’s connect while in Vegas!

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Taus Webinar with Dotsub: Free!


Dotsub’s New Video Globalization PlatformDave Bryant (Dotsub)

Update: See the video here.

The combination of faster and ubiquitous internet and low cost high quality camera hardware has allowed online video to become the fastest growing segment of communication. Storytelling, whether for education, marketing, sales or simply getting your point across, is so much more effective when delivered on video. We also are beginning to realize that communication in local language, which may not be English, leads to greater engagement. Dotsub’s latest and greatest platform is designed to assist content creators, project managers and linguists to create multilingual videos, measuring quality and performance, while keeping an eye on costs. This presentation will help you to understand how this platform might change the way we globalize video.

Dave Bryant (Dotsub’s COO) is an accomplished high tech entrepreneur with worldwide business experience in sales & marketing, product management and operations. He has run development teams for a $1B high tech company and grown businesses to over $40M from nothing. His experience includes operating system development, database systems and language learning software and has traveled the world for business and pleasure. In addition to being the COO of Dotsub, Dave, along with all of the employees at Dotsub, is very aware of the ability of language to unite the world, and it is his hope and goal that providing multilingual video to the world will allow all 7+ billion of us to benefit from the accumulated knowledge of the world, no matter our level of education and literacy level.

TAUS Translation Technology Webinar on Audio/Video Localization. Our presenters are Dave Bryant from Dotsub and George Zhao from VideoLocalize.

Update: See the video here.

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Cardiff City Football Club Partners with Dotsub


Bluebirds partner with Dotsub to benefit local and global fanbase.

Cardiff – 16 April 2018


As part of the Club’s award-winning fan engagement and international development programmes, Cardiff City FC has partnered with the video captioning platform, Dotsub.

In addition to social media engagement and accessibility benefits, the Club uses subtitles to localise video content in Mandarin for the emerging Chinese football market and UK-based Mandarin-speaking supporters.


Cardiff City FC Executive Director & CEO, Ken Choo, says of the partnership with Dotsub: “Adapting and catering to our fans’ needs will always be at the heart of what we do at Cardiff City, “Not only does our partnership with Dotsub allow us multi-lingual communication with our supporters, but it also improves the accessibility of our video content for the deaf and hard of hearing.

“This is another fine example of our ever-developing fan engagement and international development strategies here at Cardiff City FC.”


Ben Dobson, Dotsub’s Head of Sports Partnerships, said: “The ways in which football fans, particularly millennials, engage with their team is increasingly driven by video across social media.

“The majority of these fans will consume video content on-the-go, with the volume muted, on their mobile device. So, by adding subtitles, the club have taken a timely step to boost their global fan engagement.

“Everyone at Dotsub is delighted to partner with Cardiff City FC. We’re fortunate to count the likes of the NFL and NHL amongst our clients so it’s great to see Cardiff City join this elite group of sporting brands and entities that are leading the way with their fan engagement.”

Editorial notes:

  • Cardiff City FC has recently been nominated for Best Matchday Experience at the 2018 Sport Business Awards in London. This is the club’s second consecutive SBA nomination and comes on the back of another three national and European fan engagement or matchday experience awards in the past two years.
  • Founded in New York, Dotsub is a video captioning platform that allows subtitles to published in any language to boost video engagement and improve accessibility. For more information, visit dotsub.com

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