DigitalGlue and Breakthrough Photography Develop Award-Winning First Pro B4 to RF Mount for the RED V-RAPTOR and KOMODO


Murrieta, CA – May 10, 2022 – DigitalGlue, in partnership with Breakthrough Photography, is excited to announce the release of the industry’s first professional B4 to RF lens mount designed specifically for RED Digital Cinema’s V-RAPTOR and KOMODO cameras multi-sensor formats. The new MC-1 mount enables broadcast organizations to adopt the latest cinema technology while maximizing their investment in professional B4 lenses. Acknowledging its impact on the media and entertainment industry, ProductionHUB selected the MC-1 B4 to RF mount as a 2022 NAB Show Award of Excellence recipient. DigitalGlue is an official RED Digital Cinemas systems integrator and can provide a complete packaged solution. 

The invention of the B4 to RF mount saves DigitalGlue customers money by allowing them to purchase and use a RED camera without needing new lenses which are the most expensive part of the cinema camera assembly. The MC-1 mount allows HD, 120 fps on the RED Komodo and UHD, 60 fps utilizing a lenses doubler all while maintaining the lens’ zoom and aperture ranges. The RED Raptor enables HD 240 fps and UHD 120 fps through the utilization of a lenses built-doubler. Now, Broadcast organizations can achieve a cinematic look with upwards of 17 stops of dynamic range, smooth highlight roll-offs, and exceptional low light performance. 

Additionally, the RED Komodo brings its cinema global shutter for the first time to the world of live broadcast. This advancement gives broadcasters the ability to shoot both live and recorded cinematic images, maximizing their current investment in broadcast B4 lenses with a single camera. The B4 Mount will also enable video teams to extend their overall investment in the RED Digital Cinema ecosystem by allowing them to utilize their existing RF and PL based lenses, extending the overall investment in the RED Digital Cinema ecosystem. To learn more or place an order, email sales@digitalglue.com or call 949.388.9078 and press 2 for sales. 

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DigitalGlue Expands 2022 Vendor Line Card with RED Digital Cinemas Partnership


Murrieta, CA – January 12, 2022 – DigitalGlue is excited to announce its partnership with RED Digital Cinema as an official systems integrator. DigitalGlue has been trusted by the world’s top content creators and distributors for 20 years as a technology partner and provider of video solutions. Beyond the addition of RED’s array of professional digital cinematography cameras and accessories, DigitalGlue will provide customers with curated workflow solutions that bring cinematic imagery to live productions. DigitalGlue’s innovative storage solution, creative.space, has the performance needed to handle the demanding 4K, 6K, and 8K video formats RED cameras require making the dynamic duo partnership the ideal workflow the industry has been waiting for.

the RED Digital Sensor’s cinematic look, 6K and 8K options, R3D RAW workflow,
and over 16 stops of dynamic range, creatives can immerse their audiences
deeper into their storytelling. The introduction of the RED KOMODO 6K digital
cinema camera makes filmic quality digital video capture affordable to a wider
range of organizations and use cases. The KOMODO provides expanded capture
options with the addition of a live 4K SDI video output. With both RAW and
ProRes internal capture, high-quality files can be captured in camera while the
4K output feed can be used for live production. After the event is over, the
high quality files can be used to remaster the event for long-term viewing.
With a new simplified RAW compression model, organizations can strategically
balance image quality and data rate. The KOMODO cinema camera is a unique
creative tool that can adapt to any kind of content.

course with this increased capability comes an increased demand on storage and
creative.space is the best solution for the job. The entire server line-up,
from the portable //ROGUE PRO to the all-flash //BREATHLESS, is optimized for
real-time streaming of high-bandwidth video files associated with RED digital
cinema cameras.. DigitalGlue President, Sean Busby, states “the ability to
offer a very attractive discount on RED and creative.space packages will enable
teams of all sizes and budgets to optimize their workflow.” The creative.space
hardware and software platform allows teams to collaborate by connecting to the
same files locally or over the internet. RED media can be ingested directly
into the server using the on-board USB ports and the creative.space web app.
Each server also features built-in access control, an FTP server, and VPN
integration that enable both remote mounting for proxy-based video editing and
accelerated file transfers. The creative.space platform is the turnkey storage
solution for RED workflows and can save production teams time and money.

to RED? DigitalGlue team members Nick Anderson and Philip Grossman are
REDucation certified and ready to answer any and all questions on how to
optimize your workflow with RED and the creative.space platform.

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Trinity Broadcasting Network Upgrades Clustered Storage with creative.space


Murrieta, CA – May 13, 2020 – When the Trinity Broadcasting Networks (TBN), the world’s largest Christian television broadcast group with 32 international networks reaching every major continent, needed to upgrade its current storage infrastructure, they turned to DigitalGlue’s creative.space platform. creative.space offers enterprise-level collaborative storage purpose-built for creatives at an affordable monthly rate that includes intuitive software and proactive support. TBN required a solution that accommodated both their archiving and production capacity needs while improving efficiency and reducing overall costs. They were eager to make the switch when presented with an all-inclusive 3-year contract quote that would end up costing them less than their existing legacy storage supplier’s SLA renewal would alone.

DigitalGlue’s creative.space platform provided the perfect solution, a //DEUS EX with two //EXPANSION chassis, delivering 1.2 PB of RAW capacity and industry-leading performance at a fraction of the cost of clustered solutions by removing the need for redundant hardware. Larry Haley, Vice President of Engineering and Operations, stated, “Seeing the well-designed management UI is enough to make you say yes, but then when you find out that you get the hardware and support for about the same cost as some companies’ SLAs only, the choice is a no brainer.”

The DigitalGlue in-house development team took a multi-tiered approach when customizing TBN’s storage setup. Since they required separate configurations for archiving and production, the DigitalGlue team split the 72 drives into two different pools with 48 configured for archiving and 24 for editing. Within each Pool, System Administrators can set up Spaces and assign permissions, custom folder structures, and capacity limits to those Spaces so users only have visibility into what they need in order to do their job efficiently.

Before creative.space, Trinity Broadcasting had issues with users filling up the system, causing performance to slow down. This made it difficult for them to maintain normal operations and redistribute their data. To eliminate this issue, DigitalGlue created a dedicated Space with a reservation set for 20% of the overall capacity. This ensures that performance will never suffer unexpectedly and can be changed at any time if more space is needed. When a redistribution of data is required, the customer can do so with the full performance of the system.

The DigitalGlue team worked alongside TBN every step of the way to deliver a highly customized enterprise storage solution utilizing the latest hardware and software technology. The creative.space Desktop App makes it easy to access Spaces across multiple storage nodes. Rather than expand capacity as a cluster, the network can add additional nodes that are purpose-built for specific workflows. With creative.space’s flexible contracts, adapting to changing needs is as simple as adjusting the monthly or annual rate.

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DigitalGlue Makes Storage Accessible with creative.space Desktop Application for Mac Users


Atlanta, GA – May 5, 2020 – DigitalGlue is excited to announce the release of its creative.space Desktop Application for Macintosh. The creative.space platform offers storage as a managed service designed specifically for creatives. This latest feature makes it extremely convenient for Mac users to quickly access Spaces and folders as well as apply folder structure templates.

With the click of a button, the creative.space Desktop Application makes it easy for creatives to connect to Spaces and collaborate without managing IP addresses. Unlike direct-attached drives, Spaces can be mounted by multiple users across various workstations, allowing everyone to collaborate without copying data.

The intuitive application eliminates the annoying task of inputting an IP address each time a connection needs to be made. Typically, users mount network shares by typing an IP address into the “Connect to Server” dialog box in Finder. Depending on how the network is set up, each user may even have a different IP address that they have to use. With the Desktop Application, the IP address only needs to be added once. From that point on, the application will remember it.

Desktop App for Mac: Mounting Made Ridiculously Easy

A unique feature of the creative.space platform is the built-in Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) server that controls the Spaces, folders, and files users can access through the Desktop Application. While other storage solutions support external LDAP and Active Directory servers, every creative.space node comes with a built-in server that is deeply integrated into the entire feature-set providing an unprecedented level of control over access for all customers. The permissions set in the web application limit what users can see and do in the web app, on the desktop, and even via FTP. By logging in with unique credentials, administrators are able to see user activity and quickly identify bottlenecks and breaches.

Customers that have created Folder Structure Templates using the web app can apply them from within the Desktop Application. Users will be presented with a form to populate the custom variables set in the template. The variables in folder and file names will be replaced with the user-defined information from the form. Templates make it easy for admins to standardize file organization and even create documents and project files for users to start from.

Additional features have been added to minimize the time spent looking for the right Spaces and folders. Bookmarks allow users to bring Spaces and folders to the top of the list for quick access. The Filter Bar lets users filter Spaces and folders by text in their names.

The Desktop Application supports adding and mounting Spaces across multiple systems. Customers can connect to their Spaces across multiple nodes, IP addresses, and even through a VPN. As long as the node can be reached through the IP address, the desktop app will let users see and mount the Spaces they have access to. To learn more about the creative.space platform, email sales@creative.space or call (888) 519 2021.

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DigitalGlue Announces Financing Option for //ROGUE Portable Storage System


Murrieta, CA – April 3, 2020 – Experience the full power of the creative.space platform with a system that you can own! DigitalGlue is excited to offer an affordable financing option for the //ROGUE portable NAS storage system. The new financing opportunity will put the 48TB //ROGUE in customers’ facilities for only $199/month and the 64TB //ROGUE for $265/month with 0% financing for 24 months*.

The //ROGUE is one of five systems in the creative.space platform and is the only system available for purchase. For a limited time, the //ROGUE includes a free year of proactive support, making it the perfect way for customers to experience the benefits of DigitalGlue’s unique service with a system they can own. For customers wanting to buy a //ROGUE, DigitalGlue is now offering an introductory promotion that brings the price down to $4,975 for 48TB of RAW storage (normally $5,995) and $6,375 for 64TB of RAW storage (normally $6,995). Additional add-ons available are NVME M.2 drives for ultra-fast caching (2TB for $595 and 4TB for $1,695), SATA M.2 for DaVinci Resolve database (500GB for $249 and 1TB for $399) or combine both drives for package pricing. These add-ons can be added to the 0% financing.

The //ROGUE is an enterprise shared storage server scaled down to a desktop form factor with four drives. With a server-grade motherboard, CPU, and ECC RAM, the //ROGUE can deliver speeds up to 1000 MB/s per user via each of the two built-in 10 GbE ports. Two additional 1 GbE ports allow you to connect more users or a router for internet access. Expand your network with a switch to support more users and build a local area network. Packed with up to 64 GB of RAM, the adaptive replacement cache makes the hard disk drives perform like solid state. Built-in intelligence learns from how you work to improve performance over time.

The //ROGUE ships with the same software as the larger creative.space systems, which is designed for creatives to make storage simple. The web app takes the complex IT-centric tasks normally associated with enterprise storage and streamlines them with an intuitive graphical user experience that eliminates the need to use a command line. With powerful built-in monitoring and alerts and the free year of support, DigitalGlue’s DevOps team proactively manages your system for you to address issues without you needing to even pick up the phone.

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*0% financing for 24 months. Based on approved credit. Shipping and taxes not included.

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Reduced //BREATHLESS Pricing Will Leave You…Breathless


March 20, 2019 – Atlanta, GA – We are excited to announce a price reduction for the //BREATHLESS series of our creative.space storage appliances! The //BREATHLESS already had the lowest cost-per-GB in the market, but the recent price change has brought it down to a fraction of what it was previously. The price decrease is the result of new higher capacity SSD drives being released. Now we can provide not only 4 and 8 TB, but also 16 TB SSDs in our //BREATHLESS systems.

breathless color

screen shot 2019 03 20 at 10.55.31 am

So, what is the //BREATHLESS? Where did it come from?

Well, when we were designing our line-up of storage solutions, we looked at how the industry currently uses SSDs. We discovered that the underlying infrastructure that SSDs are typically used in was designed for spinning disks (HDDs), not solid state drives (SSDs). We were amazed to find that customers pay extra to house SSDs in an HDD form factor just to connect to a SAS or eSATA port that actually throttles the potential performance. SSDs are put into existing systems without taking into consideration how the promised benefits would get from the drive through the system to the user.

How is the //BREATHLESS different? It’s a system built from the ground up for SSDs. There are two things that make the //BREATHLESS both the fastest and the most affordable (per GB): the new form factor and the connector.

The drives we use are the NF1 SSDs (Next-Gen Form Factor 1), formerly known as Next Generation Small Form Factor (NGSFF). These provide high capacities like 4, 8, and 16 TB per drive in a smaller footprint. Designed specifically for NF1, the //BREATHLESS’ 36 bays can house between 144 and 576 TB, while only taking up a single rack unit.

Each NF1 drive is rated for 3000 MB/s sustained sequential read speed as well as up to 1900 MB/s sustained sequential write speed. If we were using the standard SSD form factor, as our competitors do, we would be throttling the performance at the connector down to Hard Disk Drive speeds. That would be 550 MB for eSATA and 1200 GB for SAS. What we use, both in the //BREATHLESS and our //DEUS EX (hybrid HDD/SSD), is a new PCIe connector to get the maximum performance that the NF1 can provide. To utilize this increased performance, the backplane was carefully designed to carry the data from each of the drives through the system to the network card and then the client.

Why do we need SSDs? Why pay a premium over spinning disk solutions?

There are two use cases that SSDs handle better than HDDs and they both relate to the core benefit of SSDs: parallel access. A hard disk drive (HDD) is a spinning disk, like a CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray. The disk has to spin around to grab each piece of the file you want to read or write. It does this really fast, so it usually feels seamless. However, once you have multiple users asking for different data off of the same disk, it has to jump back and forth between the two requests, often making a full rotation between each. With SSDs, two or more users can ask for a file off the same drive, accessing each simultaneously without interrupting the other.

What is the practical benefit of parallel access? Lots of files can be accessed really fast. In post production, when is this needed? When loading project data and image sequences.

Post production applications create small files to help accelerate performance on your workstation. If you use Premiere, you may be familiar with the loading bar in the bottom right of your window when you open a project. This is Premiere creating and/or loading the preview files for that project. With parallel access, these small files can be loaded in parallel. When using spinning disk, the process is sequential, causing delays when each file has to be handled one after the other.

Image sequences, like OpenEXR, DPX, and TIFF, provide the same challenge as project files while being significantly larger. Each frame of video is broken down into individual images. Playing back an image sequence means accessing 24 or more frames per second from the storage device. Spinning disks are great at streaming videos, even at high resolutions like 4-8K, but choke when trying to push through 24 or more individual files per second.

Image sequences provide some substantial benefits to post production houses. Primarily, they allow partial re-renders. Because a video is divided into individual files per frame, re-rendering part of a video simply replaces those specific frames. If a render job fails for some reason, you can simply pick back up where you left off, which is something you can’t do with video formats like ProRes and DNx. In addition, image sequences often hold more information, like expanded color spaces and embedded alpha layers. This is why the Academy selected 16-bit OpenEXR as their standard for the Academy Color Encoding Specification (ACES). By using image sequences, editorial, VFX, and color can exchange media more efficiently.

The //BREATHLESS was designed to enable a new level of post production collaboration that removes the offline/online process and allows everyone, from editorial to color, to collaborate with the highest quality version of their assets. When artists work with compromised versions of assets, which don’t reflect the final product, they aren’t able to catch issues. This responsibility is relegated until the very end of the process when the final product is seen for the first time in full quality, such as in a theater, at which point time is precious and revisions extremely costly.

If you care about quality and understand the value of unlocking your team’s full creative potential, then the //BREATHLESS can provide you just that. Editorial, VFX, color, and more are all working off of the same assets, and with DaVinci Resolve’s collaboration mode, within the same project. The biggest source of unexpected cost in post production is conform, and this is exactly what we eliminate through the combination of blazing fast storage and DaVinci Resolve.

But wait, there’s more!

The //BREATHLESS is capable of acting as a controller for additional storage. You can add up to three HDD expansion chassis and turn the //BREATHLESS into a hybrid system. Scaling out with spinning disk helps keep costs low. Also, if you have an existing storage appliance, the //BREATHLESS can take over as the controller, giving you access to both systems over one cable.

If these, or any other high-performance workflows, are something you are looking for, we would love to start a dialogue to turn your vision into a reality!

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