About CMMA

Who We Are

The Communications Media Management Association (CMMA) is the premier professional organization for communication media managers. For more than 70 years, CMMA has provided professional development and networking opportunities for its members through conferences, regional meetings, publications, and technology-based events.

CMMA is a network of colleagues from corporations, government, and education who share information, expertise, and resources with each other. The relationships formed within CMMA help foster more effective leaders by helping them demonstrate the value of the functions they manage. CMMA serves as a source of strategic information through its Web site at www.cmma.org.
Through the annual National Conferencel, Regional Meetings, and Metro Meet-ups, CMMA provides opportunities for members to grow their professional skills and share their own expertise with others. Every CMMA event includes a focus on both management and technology for balanced professional development and leadership growth. CMMA’s supporting Partners keep members current on the latest communications media technology and services.

Who We Are

To provide media managers the tools to meet leadership challenges of the future

Our Vision

CMMA will be a vibrant, engaged organization of at least 220 diverse, innovative media managers by 2020

Who Can Join

Membership in CMMA is open to those individuals employed to manage their respective corporate and organizational communications media operations. CMMA members manage satellite business television networks, videoconferencing, multimedia, Websites and Webcasting, print, graphics, photography, audio and video productions, conferences and other corporate communications functions. Join Today!