Welcome to VZP Digital. As CEO, I plan to bring a fresh perspective on a start-up company where the focus is truly on people. Everyone will have a voice. From the front receptionist desk, to the remote team, and to those being served, we will be different. I have grown to appreciate the industry from both a perspective of compassion for those needing accessibility, and to the professionals providing the service. I simply want to create a better industry that is a win/win for all involved. Strategy, execution and awareness within industry will be emphasized through 360 degree communication. While there are many varied interest serving this community, I am specifically bringing attention to the individuals who have dedicated their careers to this community. I stand in awe and humbly marvel at the ability of both Steno and Voice Transcribers alike. I am determined to revitalize the recognition and appreciation for existing professionals and those considering entering a career in court reporting, transcription, and captioning.

Here is how we are going about our goals and mission:

VZP Digital understands the connection of happy employees and the direct correlation to company success.
We have mutual trust and a firm belief that all team members bring value and strength, we respect and celebrate everyone’s contribution.
We encourage innovation and collaboration, with a balance of creativity and execution
We place emphasis on communication, knowing it is critical to ensure a unified vision and strategy.
With a comprehensive strategy our execution of clear tactics improves our success in achieving our strategic vision.
We operate in the space of “what is” and “what will be”, learning from “what was”, because we cannot afford to be complacent.
We smile, we laugh, we debate, and collectively drive thoughtful decisions.
We appreciate success, but also use it as a warning that new objectives and goals must be set.
We don’t bask in success, we live it in every decision and action taken.
We reward and share success with everyone on the team.

  • EMPLOYEES are our best recruiters
  • CUSTOMERS are our best sales team
  • Because we care, we perform, and when we perform, we succeed

We understand the connection of happy employees and the direct correlation to company success.

Targeted Results:

We aspire to be the envy of the industry.
Our employee application queue is full of aspiring employees, referenced by our employees.
Customers know clearly that we are the best on all fronts, not because of what we say, but because of what we collaboratively achieve.
Our expenses are managed through intelligent and thoughtful investment strategies in:

  • People – Our most valuable asset.
  • Technology – Always look to improve customer UI/UX with innovative capabilities.
  • M & A’s – Teaming up across the industry always expands potential.

We revel in the success of the employees. It is logical that their success becomes the company’s success. Our customers see us as a contagiously motivated partner, recognizing we are the type of partner they must engage with. We understand that common optimism and zest for quality, service and support, fuels our staff and our customer’s, along with their employees, creating an attitude of anxiousness to engage with us. This success feeds our business philosophy and sets the stage for our next milestone. The financial implications reflect our discipline and philosophy both internally among our employees and externally with customers.
We think, we plan, we work, we perform. We say what we will do, and we do what we say, when we say we will do it.

We want VZP Digital to be THE COMPANY all other companies aspire to become.

VZP Digital, Accessibility Starts Here!

Thanks for stopping by. We look forward to working with you.

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